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Surviving a Grey Divorce

When the Clouds Turn Gray: How to Survive a Gray Divorce

By Lonnie Robinson | December 28, 2018

While it’s easy to think married couples who have lasted for decades may never split, it’s not the fact. Since 1990, the rate of gray divorce has doubled, according to the latest report by the Pew Research Center. In 1990, five out of 1,000 married couples aged 50 and above divorced. In 2015, it was […]


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What Happens If You’re Found Guilty of Burglary in Utah?

By phoenixlaw_admin | May 9, 2018

While the elements of burglary differ from one state to another, it’s generally defined as trespassing into another individual’s property or building with the intention of committing another felony.   In Utah and most states, the penalties for burglary would depend on the other elements or aggravating factors of the crime that accompanied the initial […]

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Salaries of Riskiest Jobs in Australia Not Equal to Level of Risk

By phoenixlaw_admin | May 1, 2018

Those who work in some of the riskiest jobs in Australia only earn slightly more than the average income in the country, according to an analysis. Likewise, a survey revealed that one out of 10 employees said they do not report workplace safety problems if doing so will cost them their job. If you work in […]

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How to Select the Right Immigration Attorney

By phoenixlaw_admin | Apr 11, 2018

An excellent and reputable immigration lawyer could make a world of difference to your immigration case. Most, if not all, are honest, hard-working professionals that love to help people. A bad one, on the other hand, would charge you a hefty fee, promise everything and give you nothing, and possibly wreak havoc on your case […]

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Legal Talk: Here’s How You Can Make the Most of Your Lawyer

By Lonnie Robinson | Mar 23, 2018

You’ll never know when you’d need a lawyer. You may not need them right now, but there will certainly come a time when you would need their services. And when you do, it’s important that you maximize your consultation hours with them — knowing that they can be expensive. If you truly want to make the most […]

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Man can't sleep because of noisy neighbour

Dealing with noise in the neighbourhood

By phoenixlaw_admin | Mar 21, 2018

Issues with noise can have a big impact on people’s lives. Whether it’s coming from local works, a neighbour or a business, it can be hard to take the necessary steps to sort things out. We all try and be tolerant of each other to a point but when a noise is consistent, unreasonable and […]

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Common Legal Issues for Small Businesses

By Lonnie Robinson | Mar 20, 2018

You may think that you can handle your small business on your own. Consulting with commercial lawyers in Townsville may not even occur to you. However, small businesses have to follow the law just like big corporations. You can easily run into legal issues that can close down your business if you are not careful. […]

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Step-by-step Guide to Appeals

By phoenixlaw_admin | Mar 16, 2018

Visa applications can be complex administrative tasks that people often need to complete under difficult circumstances. It is good to know that, even if an application is turned down, there is still potential for success in the long run through the appeals process. Many people find it useful to engage an immigration solicitor in London, […]

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Selling Your House? Here Are The Things You Need To Know

By Lonnie Robinson | Mar 9, 2018

You have just made one of the biggest decisions in your life: selling your home. Suppose you already have a buyer and you’ve come to an agreement as to the sale price – now what do you need to do? As the seller, it is your responsibility to draw up a legal contract to transfer […]

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Reminders when Dealing with Child Custody

By phoenixlaw_admin | Mar 8, 2018

Child custody is a sensitive topic for every member of the family. Young children may not want to be with the parent who ends up being their sole guardian. Other children may not end up in either parent’s care at all. If you’re new to this, it’s understandable that you’re worried. Here are some reminders […]

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