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Don’t Let These Understated Issues Ruin Your Marriage

By Lonnie Robinson | May 31, 2019

What would be your reaction marriage was on the rocks and someone asked you to turn to a Colorado Springs-based divorce lawyer for advice? You think them to be out of their mind, right? Well, you might want to take a moment and think about it. While lawyers aren’t trained marriage counselors, they’re often in […]


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Defective Products: Filing a Lawsuit and Claiming Damages

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jan 14, 2019

A defective product refers to a product that causes someone harm, injury, or death. Manufacturers and designers may be liable for lawsuits or wrongful death suits and for covering damages in the event that this occurs. As wrongful death is particularly catastrophic and significant, wrongful death attorneys can provide the necessary legal information and representation […]

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Legal Grounds for Full Child Custody

By Lonnie Robinson | Jan 10, 2019

In the past, the legal system assumed that mothers were the best caregivers. As such, mothers had the upper hand in child custody cases. However, this is not the situation nowadays, and both parents have an equal chance of winning child custody. The courts primarily base their decision on the child’s best interest. In Utah, […]

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Portrait of a truck driver

Washington in Desperate Need for Truck Drivers

By Lonnie Robinson | Jan 9, 2019

Trucks are left idling in Washington as they wait for their assigned drivers. This scene is repeated in almost every state in the nation — making delays in deliveries all but unavoidable. Trucking companies are asking the government for assistance and policy changes that could remedy the situation. Aggressive Drive to Meet Deadlines Trucking companies […]

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Why Hiring a Solicitor Is Beneficial

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jan 8, 2019

Maybe at one point in our lives, we will reach out for expert legal help from those who have studied and practised law at its purest. We may find ourselves in a quandary over commercial matters in a business we are running. Alternatively, we may be having issues with a certain property that is nearing […]

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a car accident

Determining Fault for Car Accidents During the Winter Season

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jan 7, 2019

Almost 70 percent of the American population lives in regions like the Washington area that receive over five inches of average annual snowfall. With more than 70 percent of the country’s roads also found in these snowy regions, weather-related vehicular incidents are inevitable. Snow, ice, sleet, and other winter elements raise the likelihood of road […]

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Filing divorce

Military Divorce: Pension, Child Support, and Legal Assistance

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jan 6, 2019

The unique legal issues surrounding divorce in military families affect how assets like pay and retirement pay are distributed to each spouse. A divorce lawyer familiar with the laws and factors surrounding military divorce can provide guidance, general information, and legal counsel for both the military member and their spouse. Division of Military Pensions The […]

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Getting a Pre-Nuptial Agreement from Family Solicitors in Portsmouth

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jan 4, 2019

Pre-nuptial agreements are a well-known facet of the lifestyles of the famous and super rich. When one or both partners have several million in the bank and a few homes dotted around the globe, chances are they will want to protect their assets before marriage. But it’s not just the uber-wealthy that arrange pre-nups these […]

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How Does Arizona’s Court Process Work?

By Lonnie Robinson | Jan 4, 2019

A person living in Arizona can be part of the court system in different ways. They can become a witness, respondent, defendant, or juror. Either way, appearing before a judge can be intimidating and frightening unless the individual has a more comprehensive idea of how the state’s legal justice system works. The learning experience can […]

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Couple talking to advisor about life insurance

The 3 Kinds of Payments Choices for Life Insurance Policies

By Lonnie Robinson | Jan 3, 2019

In most cases, your life insurer will only talk about the intangible values of your policy when discussing it. These include financial protection, peace of mind and a solid plan for the future of your loved ones. The central focus of a life insurance policy, however, remains its monetary worth. The money is, unfortunately, a […]

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