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Fighting couple

Don’t Let These Understated Issues Ruin Your Marriage

By Lonnie Robinson | May 31, 2019

What would be your reaction marriage was on the rocks and someone asked you to turn to a Colorado Springs-based divorce lawyer for advice? You think them to be out of their mind, right? Well, you might want to take a moment and think about it. While lawyers aren’t trained marriage counselors, they’re often in […]


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Facing a Court Case

The Professionals You Need When Facing a Court Case

By Nicholas Pressley | Mar 15, 2020

Getting sued for a crime is not something you will wish upon yourself. You will be facing the consequences of your actions, which could result in heavy fines or prison sentences. However, there is a chance that the accusations are wrong, which means that you might be entering a court battle. You must prepare to […]

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Summary of Claim form

Is Being Rejected or Denied Insurance Claims Possible?

By Lonnie Robinson | Mar 10, 2020

Insurance policies are supposed to help the insured obtain financial aid in times of incidents directly affecting their health, rendering them ill, injured, or disabled. The policies may cover road and workplace accidents. Policyholders are given the privilege to ask for claims from the insurance company because after all, that’s what they paid premiums for.  […]

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Your Children and Property Law: What and How They Can Inherit Your Hard Work

By Lonnie Robinson | Mar 9, 2020

The property market is currently enjoying a significant boom. Virtually everyone is itching to own a piece of real estate. Unfortunately, only a few have the financial muscle to make their dream a reality. The older generation holds most of the property. Since you have worked hard through life to guarantee your kids’ financial security, […]

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Couple talking to family counselor

Documents You Will Need for an Adoption Home Study

By Nicholas Pressley | Feb 29, 2020

Most families nowadays are opting for adoption when they want to add kids to their setups. The increase in child adoption rates is, no doubt, heartwarming. It has been influenced by the desire of most couples not to have biological children, open their doors to a non-biological child, or the inability of some couples to […]

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Trying Things Out: Consider Separation Before Divorce

By Lonnie Robinson | Feb 28, 2020

Marriage can be stressful. Sometimes, it can be too much and you have to get away. For those on the verge of divorce, the decision to take that final step can be difficult. Sometimes, it is not even possible because of financial and other reasons. This is where separation agreements come in. It feels like […]

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girl driving

Drive Safely: 5 Tips on Keeping Safe While on The Road

By Lonnie Robinson | Jan 30, 2020

In Utah, thousands of people get injured or even die due to car accidents. National statistics show that a car crash occurs every five seconds on average. Safety must always be a priority among drivers. Driving a car gives you the responsibility to keep roads safe for anyone, be it a driver or a pedestrian. […]

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workplace injury

What You Need to Know Before Filing a Workplace Injury Claim

By Lonnie Robinson | Jan 29, 2020

Some work environments tend to be more dangerous than others. But accidents can happen even in an office setting. If an incident that happened in your workplace resulted in some injuries, then it’s only right that you see compensation. But there are rules to follow before you can claim for compensation. Working with an experienced […]

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people working in a small office

Starting a Business in the UK

By Lonnie Robinson | Jan 9, 2020

So you’ve landed upon the streets of England and you want to set up shop in a cosy corner to cater to locals and travellers alike. It’s a savvy dream, and you can make it a reality with the proper knowhow. Get the legalities settled Even before delving into permits and trademarks, find out if […]

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A Day in the Life of a Truck Driver

By Lonnie Robinson | Dec 14, 2019

One of the most in-demand employees nowadays is truck drivers. With the growing consumer demands, every company is employing as many people as they can to meet orders. You might be thinking: driving a truck around all day is simple. But the job requires a great amount of resilience and patience. With the traffic situation […]

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