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Don’t Let These Understated Issues Ruin Your Marriage

What would be your reaction marriage was on the rocks and someone asked you to turn to a Colorado Springs-based divorce lawyer for advice? You think them to be out of their mind, right? Well, you might want to ...

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Personal Injury Claims: All About Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries

Approximately 1 in 50 people in Australia suffers from brain injuries that restrict their daily activities, with about 1 in 100 having a severe or profound core activity limitation. Brain injuries could impact...

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How to Determine Custody After Divorce

Divorce is hardly ever pleasant for anyone involved. Even for the most amicable divorce, there is still a sense of tragedy for both parties. However, it is even more difficult for the children, since this was n...


The Importance of Knowing Your Rights

The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution. It is a declaration meant for all U.S. citizens, a show of their unalienable legal and civil rights. It is what they’re en...

Surviving a Grey Divorce

When the Clouds Turn Gray: How to Survive a Gray Divorce

While it’s easy to think married couples who have lasted for decades may never split, it’s not the fact. Since 1990, the rate of gray divorce has doubled, according to the latest report by the Pew Research ...

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4 Tips on How Teenagers Can Deal with Divorce

“A divorce often impacts families in just about every conceivable way,” divorce attorneys in Sante Fe remind their clients. Finding out that your parents are getting divorced in your teenage years can ta...

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Estate Planning Strategies You Should Consider

Many people underestimate the importance of estate planning. They often think that a will is enough to take care of their estate, but estate planning is much more than that. Planning someone’s estate requ...

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Mediation: Why It Matters For US Employers More Than Ever

Despite a strong U.S. economy, the country continues to grapple with low wage growth that union officials believe may work in their favor for demanding employer concessions. Employment mediation by professional...

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3 Essential Tips When Transferring Property

Transferring property is a common practice usually occasioned for a number of reasons. It could be that you wish to transfer your home to your spouse. Or it could be that you are transferring property to a fami...


Common Legal Issues for Small Businesses

You may think that you can handle your small business on your own. Consulting with commercial lawyers in Townsville may not even occur to you. However, small businesses have to follow the law just like big corp...