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a home on fire

What Are the Elements of an Arson Charge?

Everyone knows that a felony is a serious crime. Only a few, however, consider an arson charge a severe crime even if it is categorized as a felony. A first-degree arson conviction, for instance, will attract ...

a lawyer working

Defective Products: Filing a Lawsuit and Claiming Damages

A defective product refers to a product that causes someone harm, injury, or death. Manufacturers and designers may be liable for lawsuits or wrongful death suits and for covering damages in the event that thi...

talking to a client

Why Hiring a Solicitor Is Beneficial

Maybe at one point in our lives, we will reach out for expert legal help from those who have studied and practised law at its purest. We may find ourselves in a quandary over commercial matters in a business w...

a car accident

Determining Fault for Car Accidents During the Winter Season

Almost 70 percent of the American population lives in regions like the Washington area that receive over five inches of average annual snowfall. With more than 70 percent of the country’s roads also found in...

Filing divorce

Military Divorce: Pension, Child Support, and Legal Assistance

The unique legal issues surrounding divorce in military families affect how assets like pay and retirement pay are distributed to each spouse. A divorce lawyer familiar with the laws and factors surrounding mi...

Getting a Pre-Nuptial Agreement from Family Solicitors in Portsmouth

Pre-nuptial agreements are a well-known facet of the lifestyles of the famous and super rich. When one or both partners have several million in the bank and a few homes dotted around the globe, chances are the...

The Home Buyers’ guide to Surveys

Anyone who has or is considering buying a home knows what a big commitment it is. Most ordinary people won’t spend thousands of pounds on any other single purchase. What does a mortgage solicitor in London c...

comforting a teen

4 Tips on How Teenagers Can Deal with Divorce

“A divorce often impacts families in just about every conceivable way,” divorce attorneys in Sante Fe remind their clients. Finding out that your parents are getting divorced in your teenage years can ta...

a dog bite

What to Do After Getting Bitten by a Dog

Dogs are not just pets. They are a man’s best friend. They are your companion, and they are always by your side. They are fun to be with and can have a positive impact on your health. However, things do not ...


A Guide to Cohabiting with Your Former Spouse

Divorce can be a challenging time for you, but it can be even more difficult for your children. You and your spouse understand that the love is gone in the marriage, and you both want to go your separate ways. ...