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Should Couples Stay Together for the Kids?

Everyone has an opinion about whether we should stay for the kids. But really, what matters is what you want and what you feel is right for your kids. Staying in a marriage for the kids is a noble act for pare...

judge in court

Order in the Court! 10 of the Funniest Fictional Lawyers in TV History

Most folks might see the legal practice as a boring and stoic profession, but make no mistake. It is a gold mine filled with plenty of laughable material. Armed with the wit, proper delivery, and timing, these ...

car accident

Shifting Gears to Safety: Avoiding the Causes of Car Accidents

Your work commute is one of the most stressful things every day. Even if you have an established routine to follow while traveling, it doesn’t make enduring the rush hour easier. In some cases, you need to wa...

small house and bag of money

Property Tax Reduction 101: What is it And How Does it Work?

Just like other types of taxes, property tax (also known as millage rate) is used by the government to fund different kinds of public services, from law enforcement and public education to roadwork and supply...

Facing a Court Case

The Professionals You Need When Facing a Court Case

Getting sued for a crime is not something you will wish upon yourself. You will be facing the consequences of your actions, which could result in heavy fines or prison sentences. However, there is a chance that...

Couple talking to family counselor

Documents You Will Need for an Adoption Home Study

Most families nowadays are opting for adoption when they want to add kids to their setups. The increase in child adoption rates is, no doubt, heartwarming. It has been influenced by the desire of most couples n...

Business Contract

How to Create a Legally Enforceable Business Contract

It is true that you don’t necessarily need a legal assistance in creating a business contract. It is best to keep your contract written in layman’s terms that can be understood by all. However, there are es...

couple signing prenuptial agreement

Three Financial Factors to Consider in Every Divorce Settlement

A divorce settlement is one of the major steps to be considered on a tedious divorce process. Before coming up with a settlement to negotiate with your spouse, it is best to collaborate with your attorney and t...

Social Media

Three Legal Cases Triggered by Social Media Use

Almost everyone is on social media, and checking online profiles is becoming a part of everyone’s daily routine. It is very easy to post an opinion on Twitter or Facebook, but only few knew about the lega...