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Mediation: Why It Matters For US Employers More Than Ever

By Lonnie Robinson | October 2, 2018

Despite a strong U.S. economy, the country continues to grapple with low wage growth that union officials believe may work in their favor for demanding employer concessions. Employment mediation by professionals like Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. would be more necessary for companies since these preferred concessions could be achieved through labor strikes. Unions have […]


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The Tax Consequences for Separated Couples

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jan 8, 2018

When it comes to tax for separated couples, there are consequences to registering or forwarding incorrect information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You can verify this with divorce lawyers here in Boulder, CO, but they will advise you that wrong data could cause potential criminal charges, additional fees, and penalties. Requesting for Dependents in Taxes […]

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4 Tips for Effective Employment Mediation

By Lonnie Robinson | Jan 3, 2018

With increasing employment litigation, many people are now opting to look for alternative conflict resolution strategies. Employees who are victims of discrimination, wrongful termination, or non-compete disputes are now starting to look at mediation as a better way to settle disagreements, for it is cheaper and quicker. Here are ways to make the process more […]

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Criminal Defense Lawyers and 5 Qualities They Should Possess

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jan 3, 2018

The American legal drama TV series “Suits” focuses on the professional and personal struggles of being a lawyer. Harvey Specter, Mike Ross, and Louis Litt have their respective expertise, but they all share the same characteristics that all good lawyers should have. And that is why they win their cases. Finding the best criminal defense lawyers like […]

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Child Custody

What You Need to Remember When Fighting for Child Custody

By Lonnie Robinson | Dec 26, 2017

Fighting for the custody of your child can get messy if not handled delicately. Even the lawyers on both sides have to handle it professionally to make sure that there is less negative impact on the child. There is no doubt that the child would be affected, but the entire process should not add heartache […]

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Business Contract

How to Create a Legally Enforceable Business Contract

By Nicholas Pressley | Nov 28, 2017

It is true that you don’t necessarily need a legal assistance in creating a business contract. It is best to keep your contract written in layman’s terms that can be understood by all. However, there are essential parts that should be present in your business contract to make it legally binding. A business contract serves […]

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Divorce Settlement

Three Financial Factors to Consider in Every Divorce Settlement

By Nicholas Pressley | Oct 10, 2017

A divorce settlement is one of the major steps to be considered on a tedious divorce process. Before coming up with a settlement to negotiate with your spouse, it is best to collaborate with your attorney and to ask your family for their sound opinion. It is definitely helpful to create a checklist before you […]

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Privacy Policy Conditions

Website’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions: Why You Need It and How to Create One

By Lonnie Robinson | Aug 15, 2017

“Do we really need to create our website privacy policy?” It’s a question that most site owners keep on asking. We know how boring it is to write a privacy policy and terms and conditions for your website that’s why others are just ignoring and not bothering to create one. According to an attorney from […]

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Social Media

Three Legal Cases Triggered by Social Media Use

By Nicholas Pressley | Jul 20, 2017

Almost everyone is on social media, and checking online profiles is becoming a part of everyone’s daily routine. It is very easy to post an opinion on Twitter or Facebook, but only few knew about the legal trouble they can face due to a user’s poor judgment. Here are few legal cases that will make […]

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