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Mediation: Why It Matters For US Employers More Than Ever

By Lonnie Robinson | October 2, 2018

Despite a strong U.S. economy, the country continues to grapple with low wage growth that union officials believe may work in their favor for demanding employer concessions. Employment mediation by professionals like Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. would be more necessary for companies since these preferred concessions could be achieved through labor strikes. Unions have […]


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What are the Types of Damages One Can Get after a Car Accident?

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jul 19, 2018

If you were in an unfortunate accident in Utah, you could recuperate some of the expenses you may incur from the driver at fault. You can demand certain types of damages depending on the extent of your injuries. What are the Types of Damages? In general, a person involved in an auto accident can receive compensatory […]

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3 Essential Tips When Transferring Property

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jul 19, 2018

Transferring property is a common practice usually occasioned for a number of reasons. It could be that you wish to transfer your home to your spouse. Or it could be that you are transferring property to a family member to minimise business risk. Sometimes, the reason behind the move is that you are gifting your […]

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Why NY Courts Don’t Always Recognize Adultery as a Factor for Alimony

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jul 10, 2018

Those who seek divorce in New York based on allegations of a cheating spouse should expect that courts wouldn’t always grant alimony payments based adultery alone. However, a judge may award alimony in certain circumstances such as your partner using conjugal assets for their affair. A divorce attorney in Suffolk County would help you understand […]

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How Much Does an Accident Cost Car Owners on Average?

By Lonnie Robinson | Jul 2, 2018

It costs each American an average of $820 whenever they get involved in a car accident every year, excluding the costs of skipping work and losing regular income. The financial impact becomes higher if you suffer from disabilities and sustain injuries from the accident. The Association for Safe International Road Travel estimates that road accidents […]

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Categories of Writs Which Administer Debt Recovery by Bailiffs

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jun 27, 2018

Bailiffs have changed the method of debt recovery in the UK. As a creditor, you now have a high chance of recovering your debts and properties efficiently and legally. The bailiffs can evict people from your property or remove goods and sell them to pay for a debt. There are various writs which govern the operation […]

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3 Reasons You Should Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jun 15, 2018

Litigation can be tough enough. When your children are involved, it’s usually far more stressful and emotional. Factor in the end of what was once a happy relationship and you have a recipe for disaster. With competent a title=”Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer ” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>child custody attorneys in Albuquerque, you have someone by your […]

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Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: Avoiding a Timeshare Foreclosure

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jun 14, 2018

Many timeshare owners opt to keep their timeshare vacation rentals, even if they don’t need or want it, mainly due to the negative impact it would have on their credit. For one, foreclosing on your timeshare would reduce your credit score by up to 300 points. Additionally, a judgment of foreclosure would remain on your […]

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Why More American Women Need Competent Divorce Lawyers

By phoenixlaw_admin | Jun 6, 2018

Female breadwinners represent four out 10 U.S. households, which indicated that more women are now responsible for writing an alimony check to their ex-spouses. If you were married in Colorado, there is a certain way of finding out whether you or your spouse is qualified for spousal maintenance. A divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs, CO, […]

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3 Property Selling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By Lonnie Robinson | May 28, 2018

Selling anything can always be stressful especially when you’re waiting for a sale. It can be made easier when you follow the procedures properly. This is especially critical when handling a sale of property. Here are three of the most common mistakes people make in this regard. Let’s also look at everything that you can do—from […]

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