What Does An AWR Look Like?

by Yvette Brown 8. March 2013 10:03



It is times like this that a magical crystal ball would come in handy to take the mystery out of writing a paper that under the Academic Rules “must include significant legal research, original thinking and analysis, and result in a final paper of a kind and quality similar to that found suitable for publication in law review.”

And last but definitely not least, “[t]he final paper should be at least twenty pages of text, excluding footnotes.”

Sadly, there is not an AWR paper app; however, there are examples of published student articles:

From Bereavement to Banishment: The Deportation of Surviving Alien Spouses under the Widow  Penalty, 77 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 172 (2008).

Smith And The Religious Freedom Restoration Act: An Iconoclastic Assessment, 78 Va. L. Rev. 1407 (1992). 

Every genre has its own flavor and style, so review a published student article or two.  And, for more of the nuts and bolts of writing a paper of publishable quality consult  Writing A Student Article.  Prof. Volokh provides a mini how to manual on writing a scholarly paper.  

As always, your individual Professor is the best source for how your AWR should look.  For more keys to crafting a first-class AWR attend the Filling in the Gaps in AWR Research Workshop on Wednesday, March 20 at noon in Room 1337.


Eugene Volokh, Writing A Student Article, 48 J. Legal Educ. 247, 249 (1998)

2.3.3 Advanced Writing Requirement (AWR). (Phoenix School of Law Student Handbook)

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