Legal Reasoning Skills Need a Little Fine-Tuning?

by Yvette Brown 22. February 2013 10:30


Enhance your legal reasoning skills with a quick click of your mouse on our West Study Aids Subscription.

Shapo's Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success, 3d 

Legal Reasoning (pages 63 - 75)

 --Inductive Reasoning (page 63)

 --Synthesizing Cases (page 65)

 --Exceptions to Rules (or New Rules) (page 67)

 --Applying General Rules: Deduction (page 68)

 --Reasoning By Analogy (page 70)

 --Distinguishing Cases (page 72)

 --Alternative Arguments (page 73)

 --Being Relevant (page 74)

 --The Use of Hypotheticals (page 75)

 And don’t forget that old adage “practice makes perfect.”  So give your newly enhanced analytical skills a test run with the Acing Series.   Acing provides a checklist of questions to ask when analyzing an issue and each chapter contains sample essay questions.


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