Need a Nudge: Getting Started On Your AWR Workshop (Tue Feb. 12 at Noon in Room 1337)

by Yvette Brown 11. February 2013 14:10


Since some Professors like to have an initial outline of the article by week 4 and the first draft by week 9 and most of the known universe has not heard of let alone written an ABA required AWR paper before law school, the AWR Liaison Program created the Getting Started on Your AWR Workshop. 

This extremely popular workshop takes the mystery out of writing a paper that “must include significant legal research, original thinking and analysis.”  Yes, an AWR seems like a huge undertaking, but it is not if you break it down into manageable chunks.

So, join us and explore the pre-research process for a scholarly paper and setting personal research deadlines and discover the wonderful world of research resources beyond Google, Westlaw, and Lexis. 

Remember, one of the keys to a well written AWR is “do[ing] your research with an open mind. Be willing to make whatever claims your research and your thinking lead you to, and even be willing to change or refine the problem itself.” (Prof. Volokh)

For more keys to a successful AWR attend the Getting Started on Your AWR Workshop and consult  Writing A Student Article.  Prof. Volokh provides a mini how to manual on writing a scholarly paper.


Eugene Volokh, Writing A Student Article, 48 J. Legal Educ. 247, 249 (1998)

2.3.3 Advanced Writing Requirement (AWR). (Phoenix School of Law Student Handbook)



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