New Library Book Displays - February 2012

by Lidia Koelbel 7. February 2012 09:35

We have new February Book Displays set up.  They can be found on the west side of the 14th floor Library.  The items on these two displays check out for three days.  The first display celebrates the National Security Agency and the US.

                           "I always feel like somebody is watching me..."


The second display also located on the west side of the Library on the way to the Copy Room celebrates Arizona's Birthday.

                         Happy Birthday Arizona!!


Also, on display are the covers of the newest book arrivals.  There are some very interesting reads.  Check it out.  You can find this display directly behind the Arizona Collection, which is directly behind the Academic Success Collection, which is directly behind the Reference Collection, which is lastly directly behind the Reference Desk.  You can find the actual books on the General Collection by looking up the call number in our online catalog.  These items generally check out for 21 days.

                              What?!  A book on Legalizing Prostitution?!



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