Library Loot March 22, 2011

by Sarah Prosory 22. March 2011 09:00

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means... another puzzle! This one is a bit more challenging... can you handle it? Please note that the instructions have changed- email the answer rather than post it in the comments. Thanks!

Instructions: For this research question, you need to use your legal research skills to determine the answer. Once you've figured it out, email your answers to If you are found to be correct, a librarian will contact you by email. Please use your PhoenixLaw student email address so we can verify that you are a current student.

Here you go...

Library Loot Research Question 3.22.11.pdf (56.29 kb)

This puzzle has been solved!

(Unable to view the PDF file above? Click here to download Adobe Reader for free!)

 THE FINE PRINT: Library Loot Puzzle Rules
1. Puzzles may be completed by current Phoenix School of Law students only.
2. All library staff members are exempt from participating.
3. One prize will be given to the first person to complete the puzzle with the correct answer. Even if  more than one person worked towards getting the correct answer, only one prize will be given for the puzzle completed correctly.
4. Contest rules are subject to change at any time.

Good luck & have fun!

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