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by Rob 15. February 2011 13:04

I am a huge fan of RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and since Newsgator folded I have used Google Reader. RSS is a web 2.0 tool anyone involved with the law should use to select which information should be sent to them from designated websites. It eliminates the need to go to websites to look for information because information seeks you out in an aggregator. RSS is excellent for current awareness purposes. More on RSS here.

My reader tells me since July 31, 2009 I have read a total of 11,904 items. From my 267 subscriptions, over the last 30 days I read 791 items, clicked 135 itemsstarred 13 itemsshared 1 item, and emailed 0 items.

Here are the top ten feeds I subscribe to and actually read. Only one blog do I read 100%!


Reading trends (last 30 days)



Law Librarian Blog           

The Ticker          

Legal Skills Prof Blog       

The Volokh Conspiracy                 

Dilbert Daily Strip  100%

The Onion          

LISNews - Librarian And Information Science News         

WSJ.com: Law Blog         

Phoenix School of Law Library Blog         



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