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The Academy Awards are less than a month away and I’ve started thinking about law & movies.  How many movies out there involve a criminal act, arrest or trial?  How many of those movies are nominated for an Academy Award and win?  Also, is the legal system depicted accurately in those movies? 


As many of you already know the library has a comprehensive collection of movies and TV shows that deal with legal matters.  However, did you know that you can also find several books about the legal system and movies?  By conducting a simple keyword search using the catalog I was able to locate at least three books that may answer some of the questions above.  What terms did I use?  Well that was easy “law and movies”.  I then opened one of the results and looked at subjects contained in the record.  By selecting these subjects I may be able to locate even more books dealing with my subject matter.  This technique can be used when conducting research for any subject.  Now it’s time to jot down the call number, grab the book and see if I can answer those questions.

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Mike Kohler
Mike Kohler United States
2/11/2011 11:20:08 PM #

I came across this site by accident.  Just wanted to say what a nice compilation of resources in one place. Thanks.


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