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by Library 12. October 2010 08:09

Want to know when the library receives a new book or resource about __________ (you fill in the blank!)?  If so, you can set up a preferred search in the catalog.

If you have a favorite author or topic for which you often search when using the catalog, you can save the search with the click of a button. This will prevent you from having to key in the search each time.

How to set up a Preferred Search:

1. Go to the Law Library Catalog.
2. Log in to My Library Record.
3. Search for an author, subject, title, or keyword. 
4. When your results are displayed, click the button marked "Save as preferred search".
5. The next time that you log in to your library record, you can click the "Preferred Searches" button to see a list of your saved searches.
6. Click on the search link associated with any of the preferred search terms in the list to quickly execute your search.
7. You will retrieve a list of new materials added to the library collection which match your search.
8. Check the "Mark for Email" box.

You will receive notifications each Monday if there are new items that match your search criteria. The email will be from: Infilaw System Library Catalog Notification of New Arrival.


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Baltimore Small Business Lawyer
Baltimore Small Business Lawyer United States
10/14/2010 6:13:58 AM #

I think this is wonderful!  I wish that they had things like this back when I was in law school!  Of course, that was only a couple years ago, it's amazing how quick things change!


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