Study for Finals- Use CALI Lessons!

by Sarah Prosory 22. November 2011 10:30

Having a difficult time grasping a concept from class? Looking for study help for your finals?

Take some CALI lessons! These short lessons can quiz you on the subject you're having difficulty with.

If you haven't set up an account, please follow the instructions here and obtain the student authorization code. (Requires network username & password- goes to Juristec- opens as a PDF)

Need help using CALI? Contact our reference staff at or 602.682.6898!

AWR Students! 10 Tricks for Using HeinOnline

by Sarah Prosory 16. November 2011 09:52

Are you working on your AWR? Have you used HeinOnline yet?! Remember, it is the best place to find law review articles & journals!

HeinOnline has a wonderful help wiki that provides numerous help guides, training videos, FAQ, and more! The latest guide is Tim's Tricks: 10 Quick Tips for Using HeinOnline.

Need help with HeinOnline? Contact our reference librarians at or (602) 682-6898.

Using CALI From TWEN Courses

by Sarah Prosory 10. October 2011 12:07

Hello students!

Your professors may have recommended CALI lessons within your TWEN courses. Many students have noted some issues when using CALI from TWEN. The thing to remember is that you need to login to CALI once you arrive at the CALI website to access the lesson. TWEN does not have the same login as CALI. TWEN does not share who you are with CALI. So you need to follow 3 simple steps:

1. Within your TWEN course, choose the CALI lesson you'd like to take:



2. Login to CALI. (Don't have a CALI account? You'll need the student code found here. Please call or email the reference desk if you need help: 602-682-6898 or


3. Once you login, you'll see the green play button. Choose the button to access the lesson.

Current awareness: SSRN eJournals

by Ted McClure 19. September 2011 12:46

PSL Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Want to see the latest scholarship in your interest areas? Subscribe to SSRN subject-matter eJournals. Many legal scholars post their working papers, drafts, and works accepted for publication on SSRN. EJournals have links to the latest. Issues of eJournals are emailed to you periodically. To set up your subscriptions, from your SSRN User Home:

  1. in the upper left corner of the page, click on the "Subscriptions" link;
  2. in the left column of the table, go to "Legal Scholarship Network" and click on the "Click here" link ("Click here to subscribe/unsubscribe to journals in this network.");
  3. in the list of journal categories, expand "LSN Subject Matter eJournals" by clicking on the arrowhead;
  4. work your way down the list; click on the check box of a title to subscribe, click on the arrowhead in front of a subcategory to expand it;
  5. when you are done, click on the "back" button near the bottom of the page.

(If you haven't already set up your SSRN account, see

For more on current awareness, see "Drinking from a Firehose".

Workshop on Reporters and Digests at ONC this week

by Ted McClure 12. September 2011 11:09

To learn about how opinions are published and how to find the opinions you need, come to our Library workshop this week. Case law is at the heart of the common law system. For 900 years, judges in England and then America have created law by adjusting existing law to novel facts. Published judicial opinions coupled with the doctrine of stare decisis guide further application of the common law and provide stability in the legal system.

  • Monday evening, 7:45-8:45pm, Room 1821
  • Tuesday day, noon-1:00pm, Room 1821
  • Wednesday evening, 7:45-8:45pm, Room 1821
  • Thursday day, noon-1:00pm, Room 1735


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