ABA Podcast- Listen Up!

by Sarah Prosory 3. March 2011 10:48



Some interesting topics over at the ABA Podcast. You can freely subscribe in iTunes or your chosen RSS feed reader.

This month's episode is about why lawyers love what they do!

Two Trial Databases From BNA

by Sarah Prosory 25. February 2011 11:25

Hi all! Happy Friday!

The Law Library would like your feedback on two databases we have on a trial period from BNA: the Internet Law Resource Center and the Telecommunications Law Resource Center. We only have these on trial for 15 days beginning today, so be sure to test them out soon!

The Internet Law Resource Center covers major topics such as: consumer protection laws, copyright and trademark issues, cryptography, database protection, electronic signatures, domain name disputes, network security, online marketing, privacy, taxation, internet governance, and more!

The Telecommunications Law Resource Center covers major topics such as: broadcasting, wireless communications, cable TV, broadband regulation, retransmission consent, media ownership, satellite services, net neutrality, and more!

Please visit the Law Library's Database Trial Subscriptions wiki to access the trials. You will need to log-in to Juristec to view the wiki (only faculty, staff, and students of PSL can access this).

Thanks! Have a great weekend!

Subscribe to the Law Library's Contests

by Sarah Prosory 21. February 2011 09:00

Did you know you can subscribe to just the Contest posts from the Law Library's blog? (Though, don't you want to read everything we write here?) Cool

Here's how:

1. In the Category List on the right-hand side menu, click on the orange RSS button next to the word "Contest" (be sure to click the RSS button and not the link, otherwise you view all the posts we've done for Contests up to now).

2. Copy the URL for the RSS feed.

3. Paste the URL into the RSS Reader of your choice. Google Reader is a good one. Did you know you have an RSS reader in Microsoft Outlook?

Now each time we have a contest, such as Library Loot, you'll get notifed through your RSS feed! Be sure to check out our other posts about RSS and blogs here and here.

You can follow this procedure for any of the other categories listed in the Category List. For example, if you're just interested in Alumni information then you can just subscribe to that feed.

Another Library Loot puzzle will be posted tomorrow, so get ready!

Questions? I'd be happy to help! Email me!

Stand-alone Zotero Alpha Version

by Rob 18. February 2011 10:22

If that title got your attention you already know that Zotero is a Firefox plug-in for citations that handles Bluebook and ALWD citation formats among many others. Now it is available without needing Firefox, but only in an Alpha version. I plan on using it as a Word plug-in this summer. Nuff said. Check it out



New Resources in Westlaw- Tribal Materials!

by Sarah Prosory 17. February 2011 16:45

The Law Library has recently acquired new resources within Westlaw, Tribal Materials! There are three ways you can access the Tribal Law material:

1. Add the Native American Law tab.

Choose the "Add a Tab" link from the upper right-hand corner within Westlaw.


Then select "Add Westlaw Tabs"


Under Topical, check the box next to "Native American Law"

and click on the button at the bottom, "Add to My Tab Set"


You should then see the Native American Law tab added across the top, at the end of your tabs. 

2. Find the Tribal Materials in the Directory.

 Click on the Directory link at the top of the page. Then select the link for the Tribal Materials.


3. Use WestlawNext to search for Tribal resources.

Simply begin typing what you're looking for in the search box, and WestlawNext might suggest something for you!


Questions? Contact the Reference desk at (602) 682-6898. Or email us

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