Bar Exam Apps for your phone

by Rob 2. June 2011 16:02

From the library at UCLA: a list of apps for Droid and iPhone for everyone studying for the Bar this Summer. Barbri, Kaplan, Emanuel's and others for your smartphone. Also check out the legal research apps. Mobile Applications for Law Students and Lawyers


Alumni | Technology has a Twitter Account!

by Sarah Prosory 2. May 2011 11:18

For the Twitterers out there... now has a Twitter account! You can follow them @THOMASdotgov to receive updates about their site, which is the U.S. Legislative information system.

Read more about

They have a Tip of the Week Archive, of which I will be subscribing! You can get updates by email or RSS.


They also have options for subscribing to: Bills Presented to the President, Daily Digest (committee meetings etc), House Floor Today, Senate Floor Today, Top Ten Bills, and the Law Library of Congress' blog: In Custodia Legis (which we've talked about before).

And we can't mention THOMAS's Twitter without mentioning our own... be sure to follow the Phoenix School of Law Library @phxlawlibrary!

Happy Twittering!

Amazon Kindle Library Lending Coming Soon!

by Sarah Prosory 20. April 2011 07:59

Hi all!

Exciting news in the library world of ebooks today, as Amazon announces their new program Kindle Library Lending. Sometime later this year, Kindle will team up with OverDrive to offer Kindle users the ability to borrow Kindle books from their local library (if their local library has a contract with OverDrive). Also, there is mention of allowing libraries to circulate Kindles, which up until this point went against Amazon licensing rules.

The best part: you can save your annotations, so when you check out the book again or purchase it, you will still have access to all the bookmarking, highlights, and notes you made before.

While there are still some kinks to work out, and this is just an announcement that there is something in the works regarding Kindles and libraries, this is a huge step in the ebook world.

Some background info: as of right now if you own a Kindle, you cannot borrow ebooks to read on your Kindle from the library (our library or any other). Kindle only reads its own Amazon filetype (and a few other filetypes that publishers don't use like .txt). The best bet currently for borrowing ebooks from a library that uses OverDrive and reading them on your own e-reader is to have any of the Sony e-readers, the Barnes & Noble Nook, or other e-reader devices that aren't well-known. For more information about e-book formats, read the Wikipedia entry here.

Also in the library community, OverDrive has not had much positive reviews since it is somewhat challenging to download an ebook to your personal reader. There is hope, especially now, that with Amazon teaming with OverDrive the downloading process should improve!

Do you read ebooks? What do you think of Amazon's announcement? Comment below!

Have a great day!

Law Library Events for the Week of April 11th 2011

by Sarah Prosory 11. April 2011 13:33

Hello everyone!

The last workshops of the semester! Keep chugging along, diligent students... the semester is coming to a close, but you can stay strong!

This week the Law Library presents 4 different workshops. All will be held in the computer lab on the 2nd floor within the library, and last approximately an hour. Click on the links below to RSVP, or just show up!

Monday 4/11/11:
    1pm, SRU Westlaw & Lexis Q & A

Tuesday 4/12/11:
    Noon, Free Online Sources
Thursday 4/14/11:
    3pm, SRU Westlaw & Lexis Q & A   

    7:40pm, Westlaw Cost Effective Searching (no RSVP available)

Friday 4/15/11:
    Noon, FireFox Legal Add-ons

Please visit our workshop calendar to view more workshops:

For descriptions of these workshops and others, visit

Questions? Call (602) 682-6898 or email. Have a great week!

Lawyer2Lawyer podcast: iPhone vs. Droid

by Rob 6. April 2011 13:40

One of my favorite podcasts for lawyers is the informative Lawyer2Lawyer series. These short audio bits cover legal topics and come out on a regular basis. This week the legal talk network deals with iPhone and Droid smart phones from a lawyer's perspective. Security issues, apps, function and navigation. Great for techlawyers out there! 

The Legal Talk Network hosts many law related podcasts you should also check out.



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