Public Understanding of the Courts in the Age of New Media

by Sarah Prosory 17. February 2011 16:38

Have you heard of this event that happens tomorrow, Friday February 18th 2011? I'll be attending this event, and hope to see you there as well!

Watch for my blog post next week sometime, as I share the things I learned!


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What I am reading: RSS

by Rob 15. February 2011 13:04

I am a huge fan of RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and since Newsgator folded I have used Google Reader. RSS is a web 2.0 tool anyone involved with the law should use to select which information should be sent to them from designated websites. It eliminates the need to go to websites to look for information because information seeks you out in an aggregator. RSS is excellent for current awareness purposes. More on RSS here.

My reader tells me since July 31, 2009 I have read a total of 11,904 items. From my 267 subscriptions, over the last 30 days I read 791 items, clicked 135 itemsstarred 13 itemsshared 1 item, and emailed 0 items.

Here are the top ten feeds I subscribe to and actually read. Only one blog do I read 100%!


Reading trends (last 30 days)



Law Librarian Blog           

The Ticker          

Legal Skills Prof Blog       

The Volokh Conspiracy                 

Dilbert Daily Strip  100%

The Onion          

LISNews - Librarian And Information Science News  Law Blog         

Phoenix School of Law Library Blog         



Social Media and the Law

by Sarah Prosory 28. January 2011 16:07

Things are stirring up when it involves social media and the law...

Check out this article regarding private Facebook posts being mined by defense lawyers. This seems to be a new litigation tactic. Hat tip to Slashdot.  

From reading the article above I discovered Westlaw News & Insight Beta. Looks like a promising place for legal news. Some of the articles have links to Westlaw for ease to view the cases.

And... it appears to have happened yet again, jurors doing their own research. Only this time a librarian juror was a bit too interested in doing her own research for a case. We've discussed this before how jurors are more often doing their own research about a case because it has become so easy for them to do so with their cell phones and Internet capabilities at home. Here's another article I found on this topic.

What do you think should be done? Comment below!

Tips & Tricks for Success! A 1L Workshop

by Sarah Prosory 24. January 2011 09:39

Attention all incoming 1L's! We have a workshop especially for you! (And any other students who wish to brush up on study skills!) The Law Library wants you to be successful, so we've created a new workshop...Tips & Tricks for Success!

This 30 minute workshop will introduce you to searching effectively with the Law Library's catalog, and show you how to register and use AudioCaseFiles (listen to your cases!!) and CALI (online quizzes to help with your studies!).

A librarian will be available to help you with any other questions you may have (help with Westlaw or Lexis perhaps?) following the workshop.

Join us (click on the dates to RSVP):

An RSVP is helpful but not required. We hope to see you there!! Sealed

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us by email or (602) 682-6898! For upcoming workshops this semester visit and

Good luck with your classes!

Save What You've Written with Mimio!

by Sarah Prosory 24. January 2011 09:07

Writing on the whiteboards in the Law Library study rooms and wishing you could have kept all you’d written? Check out Mimio!* Connected to your laptop, you can record what is written on the whiteboards and save it as a PDF.  More info at

*In order to check out Mimio, you need a 15 minute training on how to use it. Interested? Contact Sarah Prosory by email or(602) 682-6824.

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