Two Trial Databases From BNA

by Sarah Prosory 25. February 2011 11:25

Hi all! Happy Friday!

The Law Library would like your feedback on two databases we have on a trial period from BNA: the Internet Law Resource Center and the Telecommunications Law Resource Center. We only have these on trial for 15 days beginning today, so be sure to test them out soon!

The Internet Law Resource Center covers major topics such as: consumer protection laws, copyright and trademark issues, cryptography, database protection, electronic signatures, domain name disputes, network security, online marketing, privacy, taxation, internet governance, and more!

The Telecommunications Law Resource Center covers major topics such as: broadcasting, wireless communications, cable TV, broadband regulation, retransmission consent, media ownership, satellite services, net neutrality, and more!

Please visit the Law Library's Database Trial Subscriptions wiki to access the trials. You will need to log-in to Juristec to view the wiki (only faculty, staff, and students of PSL can access this).

Thanks! Have a great weekend!

SRU Workshop: Legal Research Using BNA- This Thursday!

by Sarah Prosory 23. February 2011 12:00

SRU Workshop: Legal Research Using BNA

Thursday, February 24, 2011, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

RSVP here

2nd Floor Computer Lab (2nd floor of the tower)

Speaker:  Stefanie Blasdell – Law School Account Manager

Stefanie Blasdell is a Law School Account Manager responsible for all product consulting, account management activities and professional development training for over 100 Law Schools throughout the United States.  She also develops and conducts numerous training programs for law school  faculty, staff and students.  As a Representative of BNA with over 14 years of experience working in the field of legal publishing and legal information technology, Stefanie’s goal is to help you achieve better legal research results through the use of targeted BNA resources.

I. Overview of BNA Law School Program
-Who is BNA? Why use BNA?
-BNA Law School Professional Information Center
-Subscriptions available to your school
-Using BNA in your classroom
-Registering for e-mail highlights

II. New BNA Platform for Current Awareness Reports
-Most popular products in law schools
-Identifying hot topics
-Tracking circuit splits
-Using indexes to expedite research
-Monitoring a specific topic or case

III. Using BNA as a Research Tool – Advanced Research
-Effective use of BNA case & reference libraries:
1. Ethics
2. Labor & Employment
3. Tax
4. Intellectual Property

Hope to see you there!

New Resources in Westlaw- Tribal Materials!

by Sarah Prosory 17. February 2011 16:45

The Law Library has recently acquired new resources within Westlaw, Tribal Materials! There are three ways you can access the Tribal Law material:

1. Add the Native American Law tab.

Choose the "Add a Tab" link from the upper right-hand corner within Westlaw.


Then select "Add Westlaw Tabs"


Under Topical, check the box next to "Native American Law"

and click on the button at the bottom, "Add to My Tab Set"


You should then see the Native American Law tab added across the top, at the end of your tabs. 

2. Find the Tribal Materials in the Directory.

 Click on the Directory link at the top of the page. Then select the link for the Tribal Materials.


3. Use WestlawNext to search for Tribal resources.

Simply begin typing what you're looking for in the search box, and WestlawNext might suggest something for you!


Questions? Contact the Reference desk at (602) 682-6898. Or email us

(All images belong to Thomson Reuters.)

Library Loot Feb 15th 2011

by Sarah Prosory 15. February 2011 09:00

Happy Tuesday everyone! This week's Library Loot puzzle is a crossword! The theme is Arizona Legal Research, in honor of Arizona's 99th birthday yesterday, February 14th!

(What are we talking about? Read more about Library Loot here.)

Instructions: For this crossword puzzle, you will need to use your legal research skills to determine the answer. Open the PDF document below to view the crossword puzzle. Please print the document and fill in the squares with the correct answers. The first person to turn in the correctly filled out crossword puzzle to the Circulation Desk is the winner.

Here you go...

AZ Legal Research Crossword 2-15-11.pdf (231.16 kb)

This puzzle has been solved! Check back next week for a new puzzle!

(Unable to view the PDF file above? Click here to download Adobe Reader for free!) 

THE FINE PRINT: Library Loot Puzzle Rules
1. Puzzles may be completed by current Phoenix School of Law students only.
2. All library staff members are exempt from participating.
3. One prize will be given to the first person to complete the puzzle with the correct answer. Even if  more than one person worked towards getting the correct answer, only one prize will be given for the puzzle completed correctly.
4. Contest rules are subject to change at any time.


Second Winner of Library Loot... is the First Winner too!

by Sarah Prosory 14. February 2011 09:44

Congratulations to David Enevoldsen who won last week's Library Loot puzzle, a research question! Laughing David was quick and posted his correct answer first to the puzzle! He won a Passing the Bar board game! Many thanks goes out to all who played!!

Are you going to challenge David? He has won twice now. Will YOU be the next winner of Library Loot? Watch the blog tomorrow morning at 9am for your chance to win! Hint: it's a crossword. Hint: the prize is a $10 giftcard.

Guess those weren't hints... Cool

Confused? Read more here about Library Loot!


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