Lexis Pay-As-You-Go is No More!

by PSL Law Library 8. June 2011 16:40

For the solo practitioner that may not be able to afford the overhead of a LexisNexis database package, the credit card "pay-as-you-go" plan offered a panoply of paths to your legal preferences. Unfortunately, in the recent overhaul, Lexis decided to discontinue this feature.  When you go to the Lexis® Total Research System page and choose "sign in using a credit card" option, you are directed to the LexisNexis™ by Credit Card page that delivers a message that reads in part:


“LexisNexis no longer offers the website LexisNexis™ by Credit Card. This decision is part of our effort to create and support products that better meet those needs identified through collaboration with our customers. . .”


The message goes onto say that users could take advantage of lexisONE for free unenhanced state & federal case law and also directs users to LexisWeb®; which is their version of Google but with vetted sites.


This all comes as an unfortunate surprise.  On the bright side though, Westlaw® still offers a pay-as-you-go plan and hasn’t mentioned ending this option any time soon!


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More than 4,000 National Academies Press books available as free PDF downloads

by Ted McClure 3. June 2011 09:39

The National Academies Press, which publishes books and reports from the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and National Research Council, now offers all PDF versions of its publications as free downloads. Your tax dollars have paid for these books. 

Why is this important? NAS studies are usually the gold standard for science, technology, and medicine. Not always - some issues are controversial. But generally, citation to a NAS book will go far to establish a fact or a standard for policy or litigation advocacy. You may even be able to convince a court to take judicial notice of an NAS report or accept it into evidence. They generally represent the consensus scientific position on an issue.

And now you don't even have to go to the Library to get them. Of course, we hope you will come to the Library anyway. To quote the Mickey Mouse Club, "Why? Because we like you."


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Writing to establish your reputation

by Ted McClure 5. May 2011 13:20

From Above the Law: "Inside Straight: Sucking Up by Writing Down", by Mark Herrmann:

Few folks use proposals for co-authorship to advance their careers. More should.

What am I suggesting?

Come up with a thesis for an article. Call somebody who matters to you, and propose that you write the article together. Write a first draft of the article, send it to your co-author to solicit revisions, and then publish the piece.

For whom might this work? Anyone who’s looking to curry favor. ...

One way to get your name out there and establish your rep.

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