Holiday Gifts from the Federal Government

by Rob 13. December 2010 15:36

The Federal Government has gift ideas for the holidays on that come from all branches of government. For example the US Supreme Court has ornaments and snow globes, the White House offers Presidential ornaments, and the US Treasury tops them all with 24-karat gold ornaments for the tree. Happy shopping.

Gifts and souvenirs from the U.S. government.


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Happy Veterans Day 2010!

by PSL Law Library 11. November 2010 13:06

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A huge thank you to all of our Veterans out there! We appreciate your service to our country!

In honor of Veteran's Day, here are a bunch of interesting resources for your perusal:

Or if you're more visual... here's a short video about the history of Veterans Day from

Enjoy your day!

Facebook Trial Court Documents on Westlaw

by Sarah Prosory 3. November 2010 16:35


I was doing some research in Westlaw today, and on the "Westlaw" tab they were highlighting some new trial court documents. As quoted from Westlaw (you will need to log-in to Westlaw to view the links): 

"Check out these new trial court documents: Lawsuits featured in The Social Network: Saverin Cross-Complaint against Zuckerberg and Facebook: 2006 WL 6627814; Zuckerberg complaint against Saverin: 2008 WL 8099168 Winklevoss/Connectu Complaint against Zuckerberg and Facebook: 2007 WL 1230524."

I recently saw the movie, The Social Network, so these documents really sparked my interest. I never had heard of the Winklevoss twins until I saw the movie, so this was a treat to view the documents! Thanks Westlaw!

Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think? Tell us in the comments below!

Dora the Explorer Law Suit

by Rob 13. October 2010 11:20

Catlin Sanchez, the voice of Dora the Explorer, is suing Nick claiming an unconscionable contract and unfair termination, inter alia. The complaint contends that Catlin was “pressured to sign within a half-hour of first seeing” the contract in 2008. ¡Si se puede!

This is something my 3 year old daughter Allison & I will want to track. I find the concept of property rights to be highly developed by children in this age group!  


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The Trial

by Lynn 27. September 2010 14:58


Any Franz Kafka fans out there?  Did you know Kafka was a lawyer? 

According to Wikipedia, Kafka obtained the degree of Doctor of Law in 1906 and performed an obligatory year of unpaid service as law clerk for the civil and criminal courts.  He then worked at an insurance firm handling claims for work related injuries.  In his free time Kafka wrote, and in 1925 one of his best-known novels, The Trial, was published.

 Many have tried to interpret the symbolism of Kafka’s story with ideas ranging from Kant’s Philosophy of Law and the Austrian legal code, to man’s fight against authority and evil.  One particularly interesting interpretation is Orson Welles’ 1962 nightmarish film The Trial, starring Anthony Perkins as the tortured main character Josef K. and Orson Welles as his law advocate.  Some say this is the worst movie ever made by Orson Welles, yet ironically in his 1962 BBC interview with Huw Wheldon, Welles states, “say what you like, but The Trial is the best film I have ever made.” A remake of the film was also done in 1998 starring Kyle MacLachlan, Anthony Hopkins and Jason Robards.

So, you be the judge …..come into the Law Library and check out The Trial by Franz Kafka -in book or DVD format.
PT2621.A26 P713 1998 Book
PN1997 .T75 1962         DVD
PN1997 .T7421 1998    DVD

The eBook can also be downloaded for free to your eBook reader or mobile phone from Project Gutenberg’s digital library.

Watch the bizarre court scene from Orson Welles’ movie on YouTube:

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