IOLTA in Arizona

by Rob 7. October 2010 10:43

Under the Arizona Supreme Court rules, interest on lawyers trust accounts (IOLTA) supports programs for education and legal services to the community. Lawyer retainers or money owed to third parties accrue in interest-bearing trust accounts and the accumulated interest is tapped for the IOLTA program. IOLTA supports the non-profit Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education with programs such as legal aid to the poor and law-related public education. One Arizona based IOLTA example is . Another example of IOLTA funds in action is the National High School Mock Trial Championship. Other states also participate in IOLTA programs and more that $2 billion has been transferred into these programs since IOLTA began in the 1980s.  Yearly in Arizona $2.5 million is provided to support services.

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Justice Stevens Interview & New Supreme Court Term Begins

by Sarah Prosory 5. October 2010 14:00

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NPR recently interviewed retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens who for the first time in 35 years was not on the bench on Monday, as the Supreme Court opened it's new term.

Several articles discuss the Court's first day: USA Today covers Monday's events as well as the Associated Press. The Wall Street Journal has musings about newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. You can also check out SCOTUSblog which covers the arguments of the Supreme Court with more analysis.

Current Events in Your Practice Area

by Kristin Moye Pruszynski 30. September 2010 16:30


Want a quick update so that you can keep up with the latest news in your practice area?  Try the Law Professor Blog network to find blurbs about recent cases, legislation, and publications! This page has links to other Law Professor blogs that are updated frequently by legal scholars to keep you informed about a host of topics in a number of practice areas.  Click here for the landing page where you will find links to numerous law professor blogs indexed by practice area.

Teen Court

by Rob 29. September 2010 11:30

Real cases and crimes are adjudicated by the Teen Court system. Phoenix School of Law recently hosted a Teen Court Summit.

Teen Court is a diversion program for young people to avoid Juvenile Court by volunteering to go to a court of their peers for the purpose of not building up a criminal record, and steering clear of prison. Teens serve as advocates, bailiffs, as well as juries for the teen accused. Some teens achieve Advanced Attorney Training certification. Sometimes an adult judge is involved.

Teen Courts are closed to the public but parents and victims usually may attend. A guilty plea is often required.  The teen jury renders punishment that is enforceable.  Teen juries are often tougher than adults on the accused. The consequence of failure in Teen Court for the accused is being sent back to the juvenile justice system for proceedings.  Currently there are 81 Teen Courts in the state of Arizona.

The Arizona Teen Court Association has more information.

Supreme Court to Provide Audio Recordings

by Sarah Prosory 28. September 2010 16:18

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This just in... the Supreme Court announced today that they will soon be providing audio recordings of all oral arguments freely on their website. You will be able to download the recordings or simply listen through the court's website. This will begin with the October Term 2010, with audio recordings being available at the end of each argument week. The first arguments are heard on the first Monday in October, which for this year will be October 4th.

Read more here about how oral arguments are heard in the Supreme Court. View the Court's calendar of days they will hear arguments. Also, a Yahoo article explains about broadcasters requesting same-day release recordings in the past, which may provide some reasoning as to why the Supreme Court will be providing the recordings now.

If you're curious, you can currently hear audio recordings from the Supreme Court provided by the website They have been providing audio from the Supreme Court since around 1993.

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