PSL Adjunct Professor wins in the Arizona Supreme Court

by Ted McClure 2. December 2010 16:04

Mark House, Adjunct Professor of Law at Phoenix School of Law and a principal in Becker & House, PLLC in Scottsdale, has won a case in the Arizona Supreme Court: Estate of McGathy/Waldow et al. v. LaPorta, CV-10-0102-PR (Dec. 2, 2010). Professor House teaches Trusts and Estates most semesters. This case demonstrates why civil procedure is important even for probate attorneys!

ODR: technology meets Alternative Dispute Resolution

by Rob 1. December 2010 11:51

Online dispute resolution (ODR) is a growing area of ADR. ODR exclusively uses websites with and without human facilitators instead of face-to-face discussion. The clients may use "automatic negotiation" or "cyber-mediation" among other services. The ODR sites are free and fee-based. The most common use of ODR is to resolve e-commerce disputes. The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution offers more information on ODR.

One example of note is iCourthouse, an ODR site that allows anyone to select pending cases and participate online as a juror.  

Blogs Every Law Student Should Monitor

by Ted McClure 23. November 2010 13:09

If you are not monitoring the following blawgs, you are falling behind:

LAW.COM (start at

JURIST - Paper Chase (

SCOTUSBLOG (start at

Except for Paper Chase (which is not terribly burdensome), each of these blawgs permits you to narrow your subscription to the news you need. There may be other sources you need to follow based on the courses you are taking and any research you are involved in (see or, but every student needs to follow these three.

Ted McClure, Faculty Services Law Librarian

Jim Morrison Pardoned in Florida?

by Rob 19. November 2010 13:18

It was 1969 in Miami. The Doors concert was stopped by police for Morrison's on-stage antics. Findlaw reports Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is considering a pardon for Morrison 40 years after the singer/icon/poet's death. Article


Legal News

In Custodia Legis, A Blog from the Law Library of Congress

by Sarah Prosory 16. November 2010 17:00

Picture source

The Law Library of Congress is blogging! Since August 2nd 2010, the In Custodia Legis blog has provided some excellent blog posts about legal trends and current issues, pictures of the Law Library of Congress, government use of technology, and naturally stuff about Congress. The tone and humor of the blog is wonderful! I promise it will hold your attention and not put you to sleep!

The title of their blog, In Custodia Legis, is Latin for "in the custody of the law." Read more about the blog and its bloggers here.

A post from today particularly caught my eye, titled "When Legal Systems Collide: The Case of the 'Honeymoon Killer'". I am fascinated by this story, and will definitely be back to read the blogger's insights about the case. It is so wonderful to get a brief summary of what is going on as well as questions the blogger has pondered. And of course, links out to source documents are especially helpful if I have interest in reading more.

Hopefully you too will find the In Custodia Legis blog to be intriguing as well!

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