Social Media Used as Evidence in Divorce Cases

by PSL Law Library 29. June 2010 06:42

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Buzzing about on the internet today is how Facebook and other social media sites provide evidence in divorce cases. Covered here by and here by The original AP article can be found here. Visit the website of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers for more information on the field of family law.


Elena Kagan Confirmation Hearings Continue Today

by PSL Law Library 29. June 2010 00:20

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Don't forget, you can watch the SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan's Confirmation Hearings on right now. As this post is being written (9:15am), Arizona Senator Jon Kyl is questioning Solicitor General Kagan.

See our previous post to discover more information about Elena Kagan.


NY Times Feed of Legal Topics

by PSL Law Library 23. June 2010 06:19

Do you read the The New York Times on the web? Want to get updated on new articles about law school and/or the legal profession? Be sure to check out two relevant "Times Topics" feeds that include commentary and archived articles regarding law schools and the legal profession. Scroll to the bottom to search within the selection of articles.

You can even add the RSS feed to your favorite blog reader.

Click here for the RSS feed for law school.

Click here for the RSS feed for the legal profession.

Happy reading!


SCOTUS Nominee Elena Kagan

by PSL Law Library 21. June 2010 13:41

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Hearings on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) nominee Elena Kagan begin next week (Monday, June 28th). There are some great web resources to follow this fascinating process. The Law Library of Congress has a collection of resources about her. Georgetown Law School has an even more exhaustive guide to the Supreme Court nomination process.  Lastly, C-SPAN broadcast a Supreme Court presentation on the nomination, they have numerous videos, documents, and links related to her nomination, and the network is expected to broadcast next week's hearings too.

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