It's Time to Relax

by PSL Law Library 27. May 2011 10:28


Here’s an interesting article I found on BNET regarding how to relieve some of the stress in your life, How to Have a Healthy “Digital Diet”.  The article discusses the new book by Daniel Sieberg, The Digital Diet: The 4-Step plan to break your digital addiction and regain balance in your life.  It suggests that constantly checking your cell phone or logging onto your computer causes stress and can hurt relationships.  Summer is the perfect time to relax and unwind and if you’ve been stressed out lately maybe it’s time for you to experience a “digital diet”.


Is Your Therapy Dog Overdue?

by Library 25. March 2011 11:57

Do you think it is interesting that the PSL Law Library checks out box fans, dry erase boards, dry erase markers? Look at what interesting item the Yale Law Library is checking out these days!




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We Want Your Feedback!

by Sarah Prosory 15. March 2011 13:00

The Law Library is always interested in your feedback! We wanted to let you know that there are several ways you can contact us to share any suggestions, comments, or questions you may have. For example, do you have a suggestion for the library to purchase a book or DVD? Would you like to comment on a policy we have? Confused about overdues? Let us know!

First off, we have a physical Suggestion Box located at the Circulation Desk.

Also, we have a website form you can fill out. Located on the Law Library's homepage, click the link called "Suggestions".

Finally, you could email or call us:

We look forward to hearing from you!

iTunes, iPad LMS, Apple University...

by Library 5. March 2011 23:07

Apple and academic partners team up to highlight best practices in pedagogy and the power of the iPad 2 and the Apple LMS.

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Ready for Spring Break??

by Library 27. February 2011 19:59

Does this beach look relaxing? With one more week of class before Spring Break, why not consider a getaway!

Check out the U.S. News & World Report list of Best Cheap Spring Break Destinations. Alternatively, take a trip up north in our own great state and visit the Grand Canyon.

No matter what you do, though, leave those books at home and take a mental break from school. Enjoy your family, friends, or just a little rest and relaxation!

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