Upcoming SRU Workshop: Arizona Legal Research

by Sarah Prosory 21. September 2010 12:21

Picture source: Arizona Secretary of State

Practicing in Arizona or planning to? Learn how to find case law, statutes, administrative regulations, and practical guidance to help your Arizona clients.  This workshop will review not only Westlaw and Lexis but free sites such as FastCase (Phxlaw students & faculty can access it through our subscription here) and the State Bar website, as well as CLE Materials and print sources.

Wednesday 9/22/10 @ 4:00 PM
Friday 9/24/10 @ Noon

All workshops are held in the Computer Lab on the 2nd Floor of the Tower.

Please visit our workshop calendar to RSVP. For descriptions of more workshops, visit http://www.phoenixlaw.edu/libraryworkshops.

Questions? Contact us! 602-682-6898 or email.

HeinOnline August 2010 Updates and Titles Added

by Sarah Prosory 1. September 2010 15:45

Picture source: HeinOnline

HeinOnline has been busy in August! They recently announced additions and updates to several of their online collections. Here is a snapshot of what they've accomplished in August 2010, in the collections the law library subscribes to:

  • 23 libraries updated
  • 14 journals added & 210 updated in the Law Journal Library
  • 19 titles added to Legal Classics
  • 14 titles added to World Trials
  • 3 books added to the Treaties & Agreements Library
  • 2 titles added to U.S Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals, including 9/11 Commission Report including Executive Summary
  • 46 titles added to World Constitutions Illustrated

Click here for a detailed list of new titles and updated content.

For more information about HeinOnline, see our previous post describing this excellent database.

Visit our subscription to HeinOnline here. If you're on campus you will be automatically re-directed. If you are off campus, you will be asked for your name and law library barcode number. The Law Library's subscription to HeinOnline is only available to current members of our Phoenix Law community (students, faculty, and staff).

Mini SRU: AudioCaseFiles and CALI

by Sarah Prosory 26. August 2010 08:46


Picture source: AudioCaseFiles & CALI

This week your friendly librarians will be at the Knowledge Bars in Building D and on the 3rd floor of the tower, available to show you how to register for AudioCaseFiles and CALI.

AudioCaseFiles is a service that provides legal multimedia, and is now part of the Courtroom View Network (CVN) Law School portal. You can listen to your assigned cases with audio opinions from AudioCaseFiles and view trial advocacy training clips from the Video Training Library (VTL). Make sure to create your free account using your law school provided email address in order to get unlimited access to the audio and video content.

Students can use AudioCaseFiles to search for audio opinions by course subject or by their casebook title, download MP3 files of their assigned cases and learn on the go! Also, students can visit the VTL for specific clips of attorneys executing litigation techniques and skills. Watch and learn how to effectively deliver your opening statement with PowerPoints or to see how to cross examine a hostile witness.

Here’s how to register for AudioCaseFiles:

1.     Go to http://lawschool.courtroomview.com/register

2.     Choose our school in the drop down menu and then complete the registration form. You must use your law school email address!

3.     You will receive a verification email. Click the link to complete the registration.


The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit consortium of law schools that researches and develops computer-mediated legal instruction and supports institutions and individuals using technology and distance learning in legal education. Basically CALI provides lessons to help you study specific topics.  

We recommend the CALI lesson on Plagiarism, especially after reading this article from the ABA Journal. For 1Ls specifically, we’d recommend the 1L- First Year Lesson Topics list. This list can give you a good starting point of CALI lessons relevant for your first year.    

Here’s how to register for CALI:

1.     Go to http://www.cali.org/user/register

2.     Follow the steps for filling out the form. Please use your law school email address!

3.     Enter the authorization code provided to you at orientation. If you do not have this code, please call the Law Library reference desk at (602) 682-6898 to obtain the code. CALI is only for current students and faculty.

Be sure to check out these invaluable resources to help with your studies! And as always, contact the Law Library if you have any questions!

Entertaining Legal Research with Google Scholar

by Rob 13. August 2010 13:22

Earlier this year Google introduced a new option for searching legal opinions and law journals on Google Scholar. Full-text searching across case law with the option to narrow results to a specific jurisdiction made this search enhancement a sensation.  A new player in the free legal research arena was born.

Recently Google compiled a list of the most entertaining legal opinions in its database.  Cases written in verse and rhyme are listed with amusing outbursts from the bench.

Google Scholar differs from Google in providing vetted results from peer-reviewed journals, educational and government websites, with minimal commercial-sponsored results. Additionally, Google Scholar alerts allow for the tracking of specific subjects from the online academic, artistic, legal, and scientific community. Legal opinions and law journals are being fully embedded into this model, including even a rudimentary citation tool for cases called ‘how cited.’ More

One of the issues with online - and particularly free - legal research sources such as this is authenticity. Google cannot guarantee the opinions included are accurate or official, and accurately state they should not be relied on. Google Scholar enhances legal research but cannot provide the authentically of official sources of law.



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Database of the Month: HeinOnline

by PSL Law Library 11. August 2010 08:53

Picture source: Hein

HeinOnline is an image-based but fully searchable collection of legal publications provided by the William S. Hein & Co., Inc. Most popular is their Law Journal Library which consists of PDF articles from most major law reviews and law journals. Approximately 650 law reviews and journals are included, beginning with the inception date of each publication. Other collections include: US Supreme Court Library, Code of Federal Regulations/Federal Register Library, National Moot Court Competition, and lots more! Visit our library databases page for more information!

Recently, HeinOnline has added a new feature to their database system! They now have a "Did you mean?" spell-check feature.

Hein has added several new features lately, and they announce them on their blog. Read the HeinOnline blog here. You can also visit the many other web 2.0 places HeinOnline has available, such as their Training & Support wiki, Twitter, Facebook, How-To Videos on YouTube, and more!

Happy searching!

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