Social Media Discrimination?

by Library 3. May 2011 15:16

We all know to be careful about what we post on Facebook. Are employers checking your Facebook site prior to making hiring decisions? Is it legal? A recent article in Fastcase discusses this issue. Find out if your home state has a "Lifestyle Discrimination" statute.

What is Fastcase? Fastcase is a legal research database that the Arizona State Bar Association (and 17 other state bar associations) makes available to its members as a free benefit. The PSL Law Library also has a subscription and offers training workshops from time to time.


Library Events for the Week of March 14-18, 2011

by Sarah Prosory 14. March 2011 11:24

Welcome back from spring break!! Don't forget, the Law Library has a sweet treat for you today- ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery @ 2:15pm! Join us!

All workshops are in the Computer Lab in the Law Library & last approx. an hour. Click on the links below to RSVP/for more info, or just show up!

Monday, March 14:

Tuesday, March 15:

Wednesday, March 16:

Thursday, March 17:

Friday, March 18:

Have a fantastic week!

CiteStack: add-on for Google based Legal Research

by Rob 12. March 2011 16:32
Tip: Futurelawyer



HeinOnline- Top 100 Most-Cited Listings in Law Journal Library

by Sarah Prosory 7. March 2011 14:10

New blog post on the HeinOnline blog indicates a new enhancement to the Law Journal Library. Read more about it here.

This will be extremely helpful for those looking to write their AWR paper! You can see the top 100 authors cited, top 100 articles cited, and the top 100 journals cited. Especially helpful is that you can see a list of which articles cite a specific article. 


Two Trial Databases From BNA

by Sarah Prosory 25. February 2011 11:25

Hi all! Happy Friday!

The Law Library would like your feedback on two databases we have on a trial period from BNA: the Internet Law Resource Center and the Telecommunications Law Resource Center. We only have these on trial for 15 days beginning today, so be sure to test them out soon!

The Internet Law Resource Center covers major topics such as: consumer protection laws, copyright and trademark issues, cryptography, database protection, electronic signatures, domain name disputes, network security, online marketing, privacy, taxation, internet governance, and more!

The Telecommunications Law Resource Center covers major topics such as: broadcasting, wireless communications, cable TV, broadband regulation, retransmission consent, media ownership, satellite services, net neutrality, and more!

Please visit the Law Library's Database Trial Subscriptions wiki to access the trials. You will need to log-in to Juristec to view the wiki (only faculty, staff, and students of PSL can access this).

Thanks! Have a great weekend!

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