Fastcase training

by Ted McClure 15. September 2011 10:49

If you are going to be practicing law in Arizona, remember that the Arizona State Bar has bought access to Fastcase for its members. While not as fancy as Wexis or Lexlaw, it has most of the legal research basics.

Case Law Research Nuts & Bolts [Sep. 22 @ 12pm EST]

Searching for Statutes [Oct. 4 @ 3pm EST]

Fastcase Research Tips [Oct. 12 @ 3pm EST]

Here is their full webinar schedule for the rest of this year.

Strongly recommended.

New: Gender Jurisprudence Collections (GJC) Online Research Tool

by Library 14. September 2011 06:57
WASHINGTON, DC, September 8, 2011 – The War Crimes Research Office and the Women and International Law Programat American University Washington College of Law announce the launch of the Gender Jurisprudence Collections (GJC).

The GJC is an online research tool that allows judges, lawyers, and researchers to search the jurisprudence of eleven international/ized criminal courts and tribunals for documents containing information regarding the prosecution of crimes involving sexual and gender-based violence.

Reviewers have analyzed and catalogued more than 17,000 documents from the War Crimes Research Office’s Jurisprudence Collections, noting, for example, when evidence of sexual or gender-based violence appears in the record, when sexual or gender-based violence charges are brought, dropped, or dismissed, or when a defendant is tried for a crime of sexual or gender-based violence. The GJC features keyword and targeted search fields, which eliminate the need to sift through irrelevant documents when conducting research on the rapidly developing jurisprudence in these bodies.

American University Washington College of Law, with support from the Open Society Institute’s International Women’s Program,created this database in response to requests by experts in the fields of gender and international criminal law, who noted that researching the treatment of sexual and gender-based violence by the international tribunals which have emerged since the 1990s was unduly difficult because of the absence of a central database of materials related to the investigation and prosecution of such cases. Judge Patricia Whalen of the War Crimes Chamber of the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has called the creation of the GJC “a great accomplishment,” while former Legal Advisor on Gender Issues at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia Patricia Viseur Sellers has noted that the GJC promises to be “a fabulous tool” that she “can’t wait to use and see used by others.”

In the future, the GJC will feature digests of key documents, which will highlight the facts, allegations, and other factors affecting the investigation and prosecution of sexual and gender-based violence. The project website will in the future also feature space for expert commentaries and discussion.

Arizona Memory Project

by Lynn 24. August 2011 11:13


A service of Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

Looking for free access to information about Arizona, both past and present?  The Arizona Memory Project (AMP) is a great place to start.  AMP, sponsored by the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records, has partnered with the Arizona State Law and Research Library, along with other state/local government agencies in Arizona to provide a database of primary resources and government documents.

For a Collection Directory or to simply Browse the collection, click on the links on the green toolbar at the top of the page.

Here are a few AMP collections which may be of interest:

 AZ Appellate Court Briefs from Ross-Blakely Law Library

 AZ Attorney General Opinions

Arizona Executive Orders

Arizona State Agency Publications

Arizona State Archives – State, Local, and County Government Records

 Arizona-Related Federal Publications

 Cochise County Clerk of Superior Court - Bisbee Deportation Documents

 Cochise County Territorial Court Documents

 Cochise County Territorial Tax Roll Index

 Legal and Court-Related History of Cochise County


Limited Access to Library Databases

by Sarah Prosory 12. August 2011 11:38

Hello all,

For those of you doing research using the library’s databases, most of them are currently accessible from on-campus only. These are the databases found at There is a glitch in the system for allowing off-campus access.

This does NOT affect: Westlaw/WestlawNext/TWEN, LexisNexis, CALI, AudioCaseFiles, ExpressO, and SSRN. For these you sign-in separately with a personal username and password, so you can access them from anywhere using your browser.

At this time I am not sure when the databases will be available off-campus again, but hopefully within the next week or so. We are working with vendors to get this back to normal.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to email me.

Thanks for your patience!

Forms and other useful goodies from the Practical Law Company

by Ted McClure 11. August 2011 14:41

Faculty and students at PSL can get FREE (well, no additional charge) access to materials from the Practical Law Company. Most of these materials are business law oriented and from the perspective of the business attorney, although some have applications in other areas of law and other contexts. The kinds of materials available include:

  • Practice notes (including "Overviews" and "Toolkits")
  • Standard documents and clauses
  • Checklists
  • Articles
  • Updates

Practice notes, standard documents and clauses, and checklists are continuously updated. Some examples:

  • Tribal Finance: Overview (Practice Note)
  • Confidentiality Agreement: General (Mutual) (Standard Document)
  • Fiduciary Duties of the Board of Directors (Practice Note)
  • Bankruptcy: Overview of the Chapter 11 Process (Practice Note: Overview)
  • Sexual Harassment Toolkit (Practice Note: Overview)
  • US Copyright Duration Flowchart (Checklist)
  • Drafting arbitration agreements: checklist (Checklist)
  • Removal: How to Remove a Case to Federal Court (Practice Note)
  • Office Leasing: Tenant Estoppel Certificate (Standard Document)
  • Debt v. Equity Tax Classification Checklist (Checklist)

To set up your own account, click on "PLC LAW SCHOOL", click on "FREE PLC Access for Students, Faculty and Staff", fill in the blanks (use your phoenixlaw dot edu email address), agree to their terms of use, and click on "Register". They will send you your password (your email address will be your Username).

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