Leisure Time, Leisure Reading

by PSL Law Library 30. June 2011 15:18


Summer is a popular time to travel and for those of you who haven’t made plans yet it’s not too late.  Head to the Law Library and take a look at some of the magazines in the Leisure Reading Collection.  This collection is located on the short bookcases between the Arizona and General Collections.  Take a look at the latest edition of Travel & Leisure magazine for suggestions on places to visit.  Maybe you don’t have the time to travel outside of the state?  Peruse the pages of Phoenix magazine or Arizona Highways.  You’ll find ideas for weekend getaways and day trips.  If nothing catches your eye try looking at past issues located in the general collection. 

The Leisure Reading Collection isn’t just for travel buffs.  The Law Library has magazines that cover a variety of topics including sports, entertainment, financial news, and current events.  So when the semester begins and you want to take a break from it all for just 15 minutes, grab a magazine and relax.

Easier Access to the Chronicle of Higher Education Online

by Sarah Prosory 30. June 2011 13:41

Hi all!

The Law Library is pleased to announce a new service for you as part of our subscription to The Chronicle of Higher Education online!

You can now go straight to the Chronicle's website when you're off campus and view premium content (with the gold key). All you have to do is create a free account with the Chronicle, using your @phoenixlaw.edu or @student.phoenixlaw.edu email address.

The Chronicle has really great articles all about higher education. My personal favorites have to do with technology in higher education. With the account you create, you can sign up for email newsletters (from their various blogs) to be delivered to your email inbox daily. I currently subscribe to the daily Wired Campus newsletter. I also enjoy reading the ProfHacker blog.

Alternatively, you can visit our databases page or our homepage database drop-down menu (below the catalog search box) to select the Chronicle of Higher Education. If you're off campus and go to the Chronicle's website through the law library's website, you'll be asked to enter your name and library barcode number, just like for our other databases.

We hope this new service is easier for you to access the Chronicle off campus! Feel free to email me with any questions you may have!

Enjoy your summer... Cool

What percentage of State Legislators have a JD?

by Rob 16. June 2011 10:11

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education the national average for State Legislators with a JD is 17.2%. In Arizona the number is 11.1% with the JD and the highest state is Texas at 30.4%. See the Chronicle.

The online 'reverse auction' market for legal services

by Rob 9. June 2011 11:51

Via the ABA blog, interesting discussion of reverse auction websites and legal services using Internet portals. Clients post their legal problems and lawyers bid for the client's business. Not a referral site but a contact point in the market place. ABA

It's Time to Relax

by PSL Law Library 27. May 2011 10:28




Here’s an interesting article I found on BNET regarding how to relieve some of the stress in your life, How to Have a Healthy “Digital Diet”.  The article discusses the new book by Daniel Sieberg, The Digital Diet: The 4-Step plan to break your digital addiction and regain balance in your life.  It suggests that constantly checking your cell phone or logging onto your computer causes stress and can hurt relationships.  Summer is the perfect time to relax and unwind and if you’ve been stressed out lately maybe it’s time for you to experience a “digital diet”.


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