Media Alerts on Federal Courts of Appeals Cases

by Sarah Prosory 23. September 2011 16:44

Are you interested in popular, media-worthy, case information from the Federal Courts of Appeals? Check out this resource from the ABA:

Here's the 9th circuit:

Basically the cases chosen are ones that are more for the public interest- they are expected to be talked about in the news. They are summarized by law professors and law students. It doesn't yet cover all circuits but the majority are there.

Flashing Headlights

by PSL Law Library 15. September 2011 11:20

Have you ever flashed your headlights to warn other drivers about a speed trap?  Is it legal to flash your headlights?  If it is illegal does this law violate your constitutional right to freedom of speech? One man in Florida believes that the ticket he received for flashing his headlights is a violation of his right to free speech.  Read all about the suit he has filed here.

If you are interested in viewing your first amendment rights take the following steps.

1)      Log onto LexisNexis

2)      Make sure the Legal tab is selected

3)      Select view more next to Federal Legal – U.S.

4)      Select USCS – United States Code Service: Code, Const, Rules, Conventions & Public Laws

5)      You can now expand the sections in the Table of Contents, start with:

a.       Constitution of the United States of America

b.      Amendments

c.       Amendment 1

d.      Religious and political freedom (part 1 of 4)

e.      Start reading

You can also read the first amendment by looking at a book or locating it on Westlaw.


Prop Designer Wins Star Wars Copyright Case in UK

by Sarah Prosory 27. July 2011 08:46

For all you Star Wars fans... and those interested in copyright law and/or British law...

The prop designer who created the Storm Trooper helmets has won the battle against Lucasfilm in a copyright case in the UK. He can continue to sell the helmets in the UK, just not the US.

Read all about it here from the BBC.


Hat tip to Slashdot and TechCrunch for alerting me to this story.

Federal Judges discuss pathways to the bench

by Rob 26. July 2011 08:33

The US Courts website produced these videos of three Judges in Chicago on their path to the Federal Bench. Each is a different story and all are worth watching. Link



iPad use from the Bench: A Judge's view

by Rob 14. June 2011 11:08

The use of mobile devices for legal research and law practice continues to grow. The perspective of one Judge shows how technology is changing the law inside chambers and from the bench. More at the iPhone JD blog.


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