Happy 99th Birthday, Arizona!

by Sarah Prosory 14. February 2011 16:39

On this day, February 14, 1912, the contiguous states welcomed their final and 48th sibling, Arizona!

Indeed, this is truly a celebration! 99 years old! Boy time sure flies by when you're a state! Here are some resources to celebrate Arizona and it's birthday:

Want Law Library resources about Arizona? Browse the Arizona Collection (see on map here) to the left of the Circulation Desk upon entering the Law Library.

Subscribing to Arizona Appellate Opinions

by Ted McClure 10. February 2011 17:05

Use these links to be notified of every Arizona appellate opinion as it is released:

Remember that bar examiners often take the situations for essay questions from recent appellate decisions.

Arizona Declares Judicial Emergency

by Rob 28. January 2011 13:19

The shortage of Judges has become an emergency delaying criminal proceedings up to six months: Article

That's a Trebuchet

by Ted McClure 27. January 2011 16:14

From one of my favorite bloggers, an analysis of the machine used to hurl bales of recreational vegetation across the border from Mexico, at http://customslaw.blogspot.com/2011/01/thats-trebuchet.html.

Arizona Constitution Day

by Rob 16. November 2010 11:30

This is the 100th anniversary of the Arizona Constitution. On December 2nd Retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and our own Professor Willrich will speak among others at Steele Indian School Park across the street from Phoenix School of Law. See: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/morning_call/2010/11/constitution-day.html

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