Arizona Memory Project

by Lynn 24. August 2011 11:13


A service of Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

Looking for free access to information about Arizona, both past and present?  The Arizona Memory Project (AMP) is a great place to start.  AMP, sponsored by the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records, has partnered with the Arizona State Law and Research Library, along with other state/local government agencies in Arizona to provide a database of primary resources and government documents.

For a Collection Directory or to simply Browse the collection, click on the links on the green toolbar at the top of the page.

Here are a few AMP collections which may be of interest:

 AZ Appellate Court Briefs from Ross-Blakely Law Library

 AZ Attorney General Opinions

Arizona Executive Orders

Arizona State Agency Publications

Arizona State Archives – State, Local, and County Government Records

 Arizona-Related Federal Publications

 Cochise County Clerk of Superior Court - Bisbee Deportation Documents

 Cochise County Territorial Court Documents

 Cochise County Territorial Tax Roll Index

 Legal and Court-Related History of Cochise County


AZ Move Over Law Revised, In Effect July 20th

by Sarah Prosory 21. July 2011 12:40

Did you know? Yesterday a revision to the 2005 "Move Over" Arizona law went into effect. The revision includes any vehicle pulled over with their emergency lights flashing, as well as emergency or police vehicles.

Read more about the revision here. (ABC15)

Read the official statute here. (AZ State Legislature)

Read an explanation from the AZ Department of Public Safety.

Be safe when driving!

Picture obtained from AZ Department of Public Safety website ©2011 Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS). All rights reserved.

Leisure Time, Leisure Reading

by PSL Law Library 30. June 2011 15:18


Summer is a popular time to travel and for those of you who haven’t made plans yet it’s not too late.  Head to the Law Library and take a look at some of the magazines in the Leisure Reading Collection.  This collection is located on the short bookcases between the Arizona and General Collections.  Take a look at the latest edition of Travel & Leisure magazine for suggestions on places to visit.  Maybe you don’t have the time to travel outside of the state?  Peruse the pages of Phoenix magazine or Arizona Highways.  You’ll find ideas for weekend getaways and day trips.  If nothing catches your eye try looking at past issues located in the general collection. 

The Leisure Reading Collection isn’t just for travel buffs.  The Law Library has magazines that cover a variety of topics including sports, entertainment, financial news, and current events.  So when the semester begins and you want to take a break from it all for just 15 minutes, grab a magazine and relax.

New research tool on the Arizona Constitution

by Ted McClure 24. June 2011 09:51

The people of Arizona have made many changes to the State's Constitution since 1912. The Constitution can be amended by the Legislature confirmed in a voter referendum, or directly by voter initiative. Ever need to know (or just wonder) when a change was made and why?

Celebrating the centennial of the Arizona Constitutional Convention, the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records has taken an idea developed by the State Capitol Museum and put on the web a "Timeline of the Arizona Constitution".

This searchable database can be browsed by year or searched by keyword, year, and type (referendum or initiative). It provides links to the the full text of historical election publicity pamphlets and to current provisions of the Arizona Constitution. It includes every amendment to the Arizona State Constitution since statehood. Useful for legal research, education, and historical exploration.


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What percentage of State Legislators have a JD?

by Rob 16. June 2011 10:11

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education the national average for State Legislators with a JD is 17.2%. In Arizona the number is 11.1% with the JD and the highest state is Texas at 30.4%. See the Chronicle.

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