Help Us Help You: Take the LSSE Survey

by Yvette Brown 1. April 2013 09:27

You asked for it and we provided it:

  1. 24/7 library access (13th floor only)
  2. iPads (check-out for 3 days with one renewal)
  3. West Study Aids Subscriptions
  4. Additional study rooms

Your suggestions are now a part of life at PSL Law Library.

So give yourself a pat on the back for those great suggestions and keep them coming.  Thanks to your feedback, Librarians are now assisting with 1L research training, and we created the AWR Librarian Liaison Program.   It is your comments and suggestions that make PSL Law Library vibrant, innovative, and student-friendly.

When you receive an email requesting that you take the LSSE (Law School Survey of Student Engagement) Survey remember that “feedback is a gift” and take the survey.

We believe in continuous improvement and accountability so keep gifting us with suggestions and feedback.   Fill-out the LSSE Survey today!


Editing And Writing With Style Via The AWR Display

by Yvette Brown 28. March 2013 13:46


Edit like a Maestro by checking out our AWR Display!  Ever wonder whether to capitalize or not capitalize?   Is your memory a tad bit foggy about grammar or punctuation rules?   Do you flip a coin to choose between which or that?  If you answered yes, our PSL Law Library is the go to place for style manuals and other writing resources.

Style manuals set the “standards” for writing.  The manuals answer questions about punctuation, word usage, capitalization, italics, underling, document design, plurals, possessives, and other writing conventions.

Plus, all of the style manuals and other writing resources in the AWR Display are available for check-out.  So, consult one of more of these handy writing resources before you turn in your motion, AWR, or other documents.

Bryan Garner, The Elements of Legal Style

Bryan Garner, The Redbook:  A Manual on Legal Style

Anne Enquist & Laurel Oates, Just Writing: Grammar, Punctuation, and Style for the Legal Writer            

Black’s Law Dictionary (9th ed.) (WestlawNext) 

Merriam-Webster Online: Dictionary and Thesaurus

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (2012) (free e-book)

The AWR Display is conveniently located by the Legal Research Help Desk. 

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What Does An AWR Look Like?

by Yvette Brown 8. March 2013 10:03



It is times like this that a magical crystal ball would come in handy to take the mystery out of writing a paper that under the Academic Rules “must include significant legal research, original thinking and analysis, and result in a final paper of a kind and quality similar to that found suitable for publication in law review.”

And last but definitely not least, “[t]he final paper should be at least twenty pages of text, excluding footnotes.”

Sadly, there is not an AWR paper app; however, there are examples of published student articles:

From Bereavement to Banishment: The Deportation of Surviving Alien Spouses under the Widow  Penalty, 77 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 172 (2008).

Smith And The Religious Freedom Restoration Act: An Iconoclastic Assessment, 78 Va. L. Rev. 1407 (1992). 

Every genre has its own flavor and style, so review a published student article or two.  And, for more of the nuts and bolts of writing a paper of publishable quality consult  Writing A Student Article.  Prof. Volokh provides a mini how to manual on writing a scholarly paper.  

As always, your individual Professor is the best source for how your AWR should look.  For more keys to crafting a first-class AWR attend the Filling in the Gaps in AWR Research Workshop on Wednesday, March 20 at noon in Room 1337.


Eugene Volokh, Writing A Student Article, 48 J. Legal Educ. 247, 249 (1998)

2.3.3 Advanced Writing Requirement (AWR). (Phoenix School of Law Student Handbook)

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Where Can You Research Your Paper While Brewing A Little Beer?

by Yvette Brown 28. February 2013 11:56

Our Arizona State Library web page is the place to go!  All Arizona residents have to do is type their zip code and select Academic Search Complete database for over 6,100 full-text interdisciplinary periodicals – on everything under the sun.   Then after finishing your research, you may want to try Beer & Wine Making in the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center or visit the Home Improvement Reference Center.

But, before you start sampling your home brew, check out our PSL Library’s ProQuest Research Library database.  Located in the drop-down menu on the PSL Library’s Website under Library Databases, it contains thousands of interdisciplinary journals on a wide variety of subjects.  ProQuest has a little something for everyone.

Remember off campus, you will be prompted to log in with your name and library bar code (located on the back of your school id).

Don’t forget to stop by the Legal Research Help Desk to learn more about other interdisciplinary resources.  Or, we can chat about the fabulous Aztec Purse pattern I downloaded on my ipad from the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center!

Better yet, borrow an ipad at the Circulation Desk and download your AWR interdisciplinary research!


Legal Reasoning Skills Need a Little Fine-Tuning?

by Yvette Brown 22. February 2013 10:30


Enhance your legal reasoning skills with a quick click of your mouse on our West Study Aids Subscription.

Shapo's Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success, 3d 

Legal Reasoning (pages 63 - 75)

 --Inductive Reasoning (page 63)

 --Synthesizing Cases (page 65)

 --Exceptions to Rules (or New Rules) (page 67)

 --Applying General Rules: Deduction (page 68)

 --Reasoning By Analogy (page 70)

 --Distinguishing Cases (page 72)

 --Alternative Arguments (page 73)

 --Being Relevant (page 74)

 --The Use of Hypotheticals (page 75)

 And don’t forget that old adage “practice makes perfect.”  So give your newly enhanced analytical skills a test run with the Acing Series.   Acing provides a checklist of questions to ask when analyzing an issue and each chapter contains sample essay questions.


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