New research tool on the Arizona Constitution

by Ted McClure 24. June 2011 09:51

The people of Arizona have made many changes to the State's Constitution since 1912. The Constitution can be amended by the Legislature confirmed in a voter referendum, or directly by voter initiative. Ever need to know (or just wonder) when a change was made and why?

Celebrating the centennial of the Arizona Constitutional Convention, the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records has taken an idea developed by the State Capitol Museum and put on the web a "Timeline of the Arizona Constitution".

This searchable database can be browsed by year or searched by keyword, year, and type (referendum or initiative). It provides links to the the full text of historical election publicity pamphlets and to current provisions of the Arizona Constitution. It includes every amendment to the Arizona State Constitution since statehood. Useful for legal research, education, and historical exploration.


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Our subversive library catalog

by Ted McClure 20. June 2011 16:39

One of our students just back from China reported that China has blocked internet access to our catalog. Awesome!



More than 4,000 National Academies Press books available as free PDF downloads

by Ted McClure 3. June 2011 09:39

The National Academies Press, which publishes books and reports from the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and National Research Council, now offers all PDF versions of its publications as free downloads. Your tax dollars have paid for these books. 

Why is this important? NAS studies are usually the gold standard for science, technology, and medicine. Not always - some issues are controversial. But generally, citation to a NAS book will go far to establish a fact or a standard for policy or litigation advocacy. You may even be able to convince a court to take judicial notice of an NAS report or accept it into evidence. They generally represent the consensus scientific position on an issue.

And now you don't even have to go to the Library to get them. Of course, we hope you will come to the Library anyway. To quote the Mickey Mouse Club, "Why? Because we like you."


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Arizona Session Laws on HeinOnline

by Ted McClure 3. June 2011 09:17

Arizona Session Laws are now available on HeinOnline from inception (1864) through 2009. For Session Laws from 1997 through the current or most recent session, see the Arizona State Legislature web site.


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Fantastic Facts about the 50 States: Websites for State Legal Research

by Ted McClure 13. May 2011 14:48

From Wendy Moore of the University of Georgia School of Law Library. Download PDF here. A survey of websites intended to help you find legal information and resources at the state level.


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