Exemplary Legal Writing: Green Bag 2011 nominees

by Ted McClure 7. November 2011 17:23

The Green Bag has posted its nominees for Exemplary Legal Writing for 2011.

During November and early December, the luminaries and sages on our board of advisers will select ... those works that should appear in the 2012 Almanac & Reader as exemplars of good legal writing from the year just passed.

We have all but three of the nominated books, and those three are on order. Highly recommended.

Bluebook workshops - CORRECTION

by Ted McClure 22. September 2011 13:37

The Bluebook workshops next week start at 7:45pm. Sorry.

Bluebook workshops

by Ted McClure 22. September 2011 12:55


Reminder: We are re-running our Bluebook workshop on Monday, Sep. 26, and Wednesday, Sep. 28, at 7:15pm in Room 1821. Be there or be lost.


Current awareness: SSRN eJournals

by Ted McClure 19. September 2011 12:46

PSL Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Want to see the latest scholarship in your interest areas? Subscribe to SSRN subject-matter eJournals. Many legal scholars post their working papers, drafts, and works accepted for publication on SSRN. EJournals have links to the latest. Issues of eJournals are emailed to you periodically. To set up your subscriptions, from your SSRN User Home:

  1. in the upper left corner of the page, click on the "Subscriptions" link;
  2. in the left column of the table, go to "Legal Scholarship Network" and click on the "Click here" link ("Click here to subscribe/unsubscribe to journals in this network.");
  3. in the list of journal categories, expand "LSN Subject Matter eJournals" by clicking on the arrowhead;
  4. work your way down the list; click on the check box of a title to subscribe, click on the arrowhead in front of a subcategory to expand it;
  5. when you are done, click on the "back" button near the bottom of the page.

(If you haven't already set up your SSRN account, see http://researchguides.phoenixlaw.edu/content.php?pid=238209&sid=1965901.)

For more on current awareness, see "Drinking from a Firehose".

More Bluebook workshops

by Ted McClure 15. September 2011 10:59

Due to popular demand, we have scheduled two more Bluebook workshops at One North Central, 7:15-8:15 on Monday, September 26, and Wednesday, September 28. Don't know what classroom yet, so stay tuned.



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