Leisure Time, Leisure Reading

by PSL Law Library 30. June 2011 15:18


Summer is a popular time to travel and for those of you who haven’t made plans yet it’s not too late.  Head to the Law Library and take a look at some of the magazines in the Leisure Reading Collection.  This collection is located on the short bookcases between the Arizona and General Collections.  Take a look at the latest edition of Travel & Leisure magazine for suggestions on places to visit.  Maybe you don’t have the time to travel outside of the state?  Peruse the pages of Phoenix magazine or Arizona Highways.  You’ll find ideas for weekend getaways and day trips.  If nothing catches your eye try looking at past issues located in the general collection. 

The Leisure Reading Collection isn’t just for travel buffs.  The Law Library has magazines that cover a variety of topics including sports, entertainment, financial news, and current events.  So when the semester begins and you want to take a break from it all for just 15 minutes, grab a magazine and relax.

It's Time to Relax

by PSL Law Library 27. May 2011 10:28




Here’s an interesting article I found on BNET regarding how to relieve some of the stress in your life, How to Have a Healthy “Digital Diet”.  The article discusses the new book by Daniel Sieberg, The Digital Diet: The 4-Step plan to break your digital addiction and regain balance in your life.  It suggests that constantly checking your cell phone or logging onto your computer causes stress and can hurt relationships.  Summer is the perfect time to relax and unwind and if you’ve been stressed out lately maybe it’s time for you to experience a “digital diet”.


Resources in the Catalog

by PSL Law Library 29. April 2011 11:28

Most people think of the catalog as a place to find out where books are located.  A title search is conducted and the location and call number is found.  Once this information is gathered the patron steps away from the catalog and perhaps misses an opportunity to discover more materials on a given subject.  In addition to books, CDs & DVDs the catalog contains records to ebooks, microfiche, useful websites and databases.

I located several ebooks on Torts by opening the catalog, selecting the subject tab and conducting a search for Torts.  A subject search of Environmental Law gave me a list of 522 subjects that contain information on Environmental Law.  When I selected Environmental Law Alabama Electronic Information Resources, from the list, I discovered two websites dealing with this subject matter.  Selecting Environmental Law Antarctic Regions, from the list, lead me to several pieces of microfiche.  These searches were quick and easy to run and allowed me to discover more materials than if I had browsed the shelves.

Law Library Catalog

St. Patrick's Day

by PSL Law Library 10. March 2011 11:45


 Picture Source: http://morguefile.com/archive/display/146707

If you are looking for a low-key way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day I have an idea for you.  Head over to the Law Library’s DVD collection and check out The Irish R.M. This series aired on PBS in the late 80’s and follows a retired British military man who becomes a Resident Magistrate in rural Ireland.  The series takes place in 1897 and aired 18 episodes over three seasons.  DVD’s of the first two seasons can be found in the Law Library.  The bonus to watching this series is that it was taped in County Kildare so while you won’t be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland you can still enjoy views of the countryside.

New Arrivals Display

by PSL Law Library 28. February 2011 14:24


Have you ever wondered what new books are in the library?  Well now you can find out by checking the “New Arrivals” display.  The display is located between the circulation desk and the Academic Success collection.  It contains the book jackets to the most of books that have arrived recently.  Once you locate a title that interests you head over to the catalog to get the location and call number.  From there you can grab the book and make a quick trip to the circulation desk to check it out.  Happy Reading!


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