Legal E-Books: Oxford Scholarship Online

by Sarah Prosory 14. October 2011 16:17

Looking for legal e-books to read without a time limitation?

Want to find topical books on Constitutional & Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, Public International law, and other legal topics?

Check out Oxford Scholarship Online!* The Law Library has full-text access to the Law collection, and abstract access to the other collections from several university presses.

*If you're off campus, you will need to log-in with your name and library barcode.



For quick access, use your QR code reader on your smartphone to scan the code:

Using CALI From TWEN Courses

by Sarah Prosory 10. October 2011 12:07

Hello students!

Your professors may have recommended CALI lessons within your TWEN courses. Many students have noted some issues when using CALI from TWEN. The thing to remember is that you need to login to CALI once you arrive at the CALI website to access the lesson. TWEN does not have the same login as CALI. TWEN does not share who you are with CALI. So you need to follow 3 simple steps:

1. Within your TWEN course, choose the CALI lesson you'd like to take:



2. Login to CALI. (Don't have a CALI account? You'll need the student code found here. Please call or email the reference desk if you need help: 602-682-6898 or


3. Once you login, you'll see the green play button. Choose the button to access the lesson.

HeinOnline iPad and iPhone App!

by Sarah Prosory 3. October 2011 13:55

Hein has just announced that they have developed an iPad/iPhone app!

Media Alerts on Federal Courts of Appeals Cases

by Sarah Prosory 23. September 2011 16:44

Are you interested in popular, media-worthy, case information from the Federal Courts of Appeals? Check out this resource from the ABA:

Here's the 9th circuit:

Basically the cases chosen are ones that are more for the public interest- they are expected to be talked about in the news. They are summarized by law professors and law students. It doesn't yet cover all circuits but the majority are there.

Limited Access to Library Databases

by Sarah Prosory 12. August 2011 11:38

Hello all,

For those of you doing research using the library’s databases, most of them are currently accessible from on-campus only. These are the databases found at There is a glitch in the system for allowing off-campus access.

This does NOT affect: Westlaw/WestlawNext/TWEN, LexisNexis, CALI, AudioCaseFiles, ExpressO, and SSRN. For these you sign-in separately with a personal username and password, so you can access them from anywhere using your browser.

At this time I am not sure when the databases will be available off-campus again, but hopefully within the next week or so. We are working with vendors to get this back to normal.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to email me.

Thanks for your patience!

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