How much does WestlawNext cost to use?

by Rob 17. May 2011 15:00

This info-graphic for WestlawNext shows recent pricing for search, browse, print, Keycite, and many other functions for individual customers. Law school access to Westlaw and WestlawNext is paid for by the Law Library.


Old Law Books: US Senate Ledgers from 1890s found

by Rob 12. May 2011 14:47

Few gaps in Congressional documents still exist, but a recent find of hand written Senate ledgers show a detailed view of government operations over a hundred years ago. See the BookTryst for more on this rich find.

Phoenix School of Law Moving to Downtown

by Rob 22. April 2011 15:55


Law School

Lawyer2Lawyer podcast: iPhone vs. Droid

by Rob 6. April 2011 13:40

One of my favorite podcasts for lawyers is the informative Lawyer2Lawyer series. These short audio bits cover legal topics and come out on a regular basis. This week the legal talk network deals with iPhone and Droid smart phones from a lawyer's perspective. Security issues, apps, function and navigation. Great for techlawyers out there! 

The Legal Talk Network hosts many law related podcasts you should also check out.



John Grisham on the value of libraries for ALA's National Library Week, April 10-16th 2011

by Rob 1. April 2011 15:44



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