Focus on Mobile Technology Apps for Lawyers

by Rob 30. August 2010 16:30

The iPad is integrating with legal practice. For example, iJuror is an app discussed at TechnoEsq that works with jury selection in a seamless way. BTW This blog joins the likes of futurelawyer and iPhoneJD in providing practice applications and news on handheld wireless technology for lawyers. For example, I discovered that my Droid X is not as secure as I had thought via this TechnoEsq post  covering the Black Hat conference this year. This is an area to watch.



Arizona at the "epicenter" of federalism disputes?

by Rob 23. August 2010 12:56

 The National Law Journal looks at Arizona as a 'hotbed' of court actions destined for the US. Supreme Court, including a case-by-case analysis. Not just SB 1070! More




Entertaining Legal Research with Google Scholar

by Rob 13. August 2010 13:22

Earlier this year Google introduced a new option for searching legal opinions and law journals on Google Scholar. Full-text searching across case law with the option to narrow results to a specific jurisdiction made this search enhancement a sensation.  A new player in the free legal research arena was born.

Recently Google compiled a list of the most entertaining legal opinions in its database.  Cases written in verse and rhyme are listed with amusing outbursts from the bench.

Google Scholar differs from Google in providing vetted results from peer-reviewed journals, educational and government websites, with minimal commercial-sponsored results. Additionally, Google Scholar alerts allow for the tracking of specific subjects from the online academic, artistic, legal, and scientific community. Legal opinions and law journals are being fully embedded into this model, including even a rudimentary citation tool for cases called ‘how cited.’ More

One of the issues with online - and particularly free - legal research sources such as this is authenticity. Google cannot guarantee the opinions included are accurate or official, and accurately state they should not be relied on. Google Scholar enhances legal research but cannot provide the authentically of official sources of law.



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