130 Years Ago to the Day. . .

by PSL Law Library 14. July 2011 11:20

Infamous gun slinging outlaw "Billy the Kid" (a.k.a. William H. Bonney) was said to have been killed today at Fort Sumner, New Mexico by Sherriff Pat Garrett.  He is said to have killed more than 25 men all by the ripe old age of 21.


For more information on this American Gunfighter click here.



You Have the Right To Remain Silent. . .

by PSL Law Library 13. June 2011 16:23

We have all heard these words at some point in our life.  It seems you can't watch a crime drama like CSI or Law & Order without one of the actors uttering these words to some unsuspecting "perp".  The significane can sometimes get lost in all the melodrama, but today marks the 45th anniversary of this historic landmark case concerning every American's 5th Amendment Right to remain silent and 6th Amendment Right to counsel.  Because of this historic 5-4 decision Officers are required to carry around a Miranda Warning card to ensure all persons in police custody are read and reminded of their inalienable Rights.

For a more indepth review of the Miranda case click here.


Lexis Pay-As-You-Go is No More!

by PSL Law Library 8. June 2011 16:40

For the solo practitioner that may not be able to afford the overhead of a LexisNexis database package, the credit card "pay-as-you-go" plan offered a panoply of paths to your legal preferences. Unfortunately, in the recent overhaul, Lexis decided to discontinue this feature.  When you go to the Lexis® Total Research System page and choose "sign in using a credit card" option, you are directed to the LexisNexis™ by Credit Card page that delivers a message that reads in part:


“LexisNexis no longer offers the website LexisNexis™ by Credit Card. This decision is part of our effort to create and support products that better meet those needs identified through collaboration with our customers. . .”


The message goes onto say that users could take advantage of lexisONE for free unenhanced state & federal case law and also directs users to LexisWeb®; which is their version of Google but with vetted sites.


This all comes as an unfortunate surprise.  On the bright side though, Westlaw® still offers a pay-as-you-go plan and hasn’t mentioned ending this option any time soon!


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By Order of the President BIN LADEN IS DEAD!!!

by PSL Law Library 1. May 2011 21:18

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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This is a screen-shot of msnbc.com. View the announcement given by President Obama from the White House this historic evening.



What's new at Justia.com

by PSL Law Library 22. April 2011 15:33

Did you know that Justia (an internet based company committed to the free availability legal resources such as cases, codes and regulations) has just announced the launch of another great free service.  Justica will now have available at no cost to you, Daily & Weekly Opinion Summaries for all of the Federal Circuit Courts of appeal and selected State Supreme Courts.  The best part is al you have to do is register and then the summaries are delivered right to your inbox, no extra clicks on your part.  If you one to be a head of the class in regards to news worthy court opinions this will get you one step closer.


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