Are you distracted?

by PSL Law Library 28. June 2010 02:48

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Often we struggle with focusing on a single task... which could be any number of things, including studying!

The New York Times recently had an article about people who are hooked on gadgets and technology. In addition to the article were two quick and revealing interactive tests to determine your focus and task juggling ability. These tests are part of the NY Times technology series, "This is Your Brain on Gadgets" from The Learning Network Blog.

Click here to test your focus.

Click here to test how fast you juggle tasks.

Another good tip for studying or to get back on focus with any task is to take a 15 minute walk. A study of students shows that activity breaks improve concentration. Do some jumping jacks while you read this post from the Scholastic Administrator blog.

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West Headnote of the Day

by PSL Law Library 23. June 2010 07:00

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Curious about West headnotes? Sign-up for a free service that emails you a daily West headnote. This service is described by the West website as, "Written by West attorney editors and classified within the exclusive West Key Number System®, West headnotes summarize points of law in judicial rulings. Every day, we bring you a West headnote that's especially humorous, profound or interesting."

Please note: This service is offered "as a diversion; the point of law it contains may no longer be good law. Please verify using KeyCite® on Westlaw."

NY Times Feed of Legal Topics

by PSL Law Library 23. June 2010 06:19

Do you read the The New York Times on the web? Want to get updated on new articles about law school and/or the legal profession? Be sure to check out two relevant "Times Topics" feeds that include commentary and archived articles regarding law schools and the legal profession. Scroll to the bottom to search within the selection of articles.

You can even add the RSS feed to your favorite blog reader.

Click here for the RSS feed for law school.

Click here for the RSS feed for the legal profession.

Happy reading!


Immigration CLE this Thursday!

by PSL Law Library 22. June 2010 02:04


Interested in immigration law? Students and faculty are welcome to attend this one hour CLE presentation entitled “Practicing in the Immigration Courts.” Jointly sponsored by Los Abogados and AzALL (Arizona Association of Law Libraries) the cost for student members of Los Abogados is only $10 with early registration (by today at Noon). If you’ve been thinking about becoming a student member and looking for a reason, here it is:

Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 11:45 – 1:15 pm

For more information, see AzALL/Los Abogados Lunch Presentation



Facebook Privacy Settings

by PSL Law Library 22. June 2010 01:04

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Need help with the new privacy settings on Facebook? Here is a fantastic how-to video and explanation on how to get more privacy with Facebook's new privacy settings, brought to you by the Electronic Frontier Foundation via the Law Librarian Blog. This is particularly important for anyone considering criminal practice or civil procescutions (including administrative law practices).

Also from the Law Librarian Blog, a reminder for professors to be mindful of what they post on Facebook.



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