Congratulations!! Three Law Library Employees Promoted!

by Library 20. April 2011 10:11

The Law Library is proud to announce that three employees have been promoted this month. Congratulations Lynn Anderson, Lidia Koelbel, and Gretchen Lebron!

Lynn Anderson has been promoted to Acquisitions Librarian. Lynn was formerly the Acquisitions Coordinator. In her new role, Lynn has primary responsibility for activities involving purchasing and acquisitions for the library collection.  She will contribute to cataloging and serials services and will participate with other librarians in reference, collection development, instructional services, and the faculty liaison program.

Lidia Koelbel has been promoted to Access Services Manager. Lidia was formerly the Evening Access Services Coordinator and was a part-time Circulation Aide prior to being promoted to Evening Access Services Coordinator. In her new role, Lidia will manage the day-to-day operations of the Access Services department to include circulation, shelving, filing, and access to the library. In addition to working full-time at the Law Library, Lidia is also a part-time law student at PSL.

Gretchen Lebron has been promoted to Serials Coordinator. Gretchen was formerly a part-time Circulation Aide. In her new role, she will be opening the library in the mornings but will spend the rest of her day working in Technical Services where all of the library materials are ordered and processed. She will have primary responsibility for receipt and processing of supplementation (pocket parts, looseleaf filing, journals, reporters, etc.) and will assist with processing of invoices, ordering materials, and maintenance of the catalog. 

Gretchen deserves a second round of applause as she was accepted into the University of Arizona's School of Information Resources and  Library Science graduate program. 




Is Your Therapy Dog Overdue?

by Library 25. March 2011 11:57

Do you think it is interesting that the PSL Law Library checks out box fans, dry erase boards, dry erase markers? Look at what interesting item the Yale Law Library is checking out these days!




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Want to Know How Much Money America's Lawyers Earn?

by Library 8. March 2011 08:12

Check out this month's issue of the American Bar Journal. The article highlights 10 surprising legal markets. It also has a feature that allows you to search a county of your interest. The mean wage for Maricopa County is $118,700 and there are 6,590 lawyers in the Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale area.


iTunes, iPad LMS, Apple University...

by Library 5. March 2011 23:07

Apple and academic partners team up to highlight best practices in pedagogy and the power of the iPad 2 and the Apple LMS.

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Ready for Spring Break??

by Library 27. February 2011 19:59

Does this beach look relaxing? With one more week of class before Spring Break, why not consider a getaway!

Check out the U.S. News & World Report list of Best Cheap Spring Break Destinations. Alternatively, take a trip up north in our own great state and visit the Grand Canyon.

No matter what you do, though, leave those books at home and take a mental break from school. Enjoy your family, friends, or just a little rest and relaxation!

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