New 19th Edition of The Bluebook Now Available on Reserve!

by PSL Law Library 1. July 2010 08:29

The latest edition of The Bluebook has arrived to the course reserves collection in the library! This edition is different from the 18th edition in three main ways. First, the Bluepages, which are frequently used by practitioners and law clerks, have been greatly expanded. Second, a number of rules found in the white pages have been revamped. For example, the biggest change is Rule 18 which gives guidance to citing internet sources. Lastly, the tables have been revised and updated. View the Preface to the Nineteenth Edition here.

There are seven copies of the new edition on reserve and they circulate for 2 hours.

Happy Bluebooking!

Are you distracted?

by PSL Law Library 28. June 2010 02:48

Picture source: MorgueFile

Often we struggle with focusing on a single task... which could be any number of things, including studying!

The New York Times recently had an article about people who are hooked on gadgets and technology. In addition to the article were two quick and revealing interactive tests to determine your focus and task juggling ability. These tests are part of the NY Times technology series, "This is Your Brain on Gadgets" from The Learning Network Blog.

Click here to test your focus.

Click here to test how fast you juggle tasks.

Another good tip for studying or to get back on focus with any task is to take a 15 minute walk. A study of students shows that activity breaks improve concentration. Do some jumping jacks while you read this post from the Scholastic Administrator blog.

Picture source: MorgueFile



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