Spring Break 2012 - Special Library Hours

by Lidia Koelbel 26. February 2012 22:38

Study for Finals- Use CALI Lessons!

by Sarah Prosory 22. November 2011 10:30

Having a difficult time grasping a concept from class? Looking for study help for your finals?

Take some CALI lessons! These short lessons can quiz you on the subject you're having difficulty with.

If you haven't set up an account, please follow the instructions here and obtain the student authorization code. (Requires network username & password- goes to Juristec- opens as a PDF)

Need help using CALI? Contact our reference staff at reference@phoenixlaw.edu or 602.682.6898!


by Lidia Koelbel 1. October 2011 14:26




Win a $100.00 visa giftcard




have the Law Library implement one of your ideas

 at our brand new two-story Library


at One North Central!!




Submit your suggestions for


out-of-the-box ideas


you would like the Law Library to


put in place.


An example is a quiet relaxation room where students can take naps while listening to soothing sounds.





The selection committee will review all submissions made on our Footnotes blog and pick 1 (one) winner


by October 31st, 2011.  Other ideas may be implemented but only 1 (one) prize will be awarded.



  Submit your entries by commenting on this post.


Gold Gift Cardmorgue fileGold Gift Card




Study Rooms No Longer Need Check Out!

by Sarah Prosory 4. February 2011 16:25

Attention all PSL students!

 The Law Library NO LONGER requires that the library study rooms be checked out or reserved. We will honor all reservations that were made prior to Thursday February 3rd 2011. But no reservations or check outs will be taken from this point forward for the law library study rooms.

Students may use a study room on a first come, first served basis. Groups take priority over individual students.

Students still have the option to reserve rooms in Buildings B & D. Please contact the Circulation Desk for any questions at (602) 682-6897 or by email.

Have a great weekend! Cool

Tips & Tricks for Success! A 1L Workshop

by Sarah Prosory 24. January 2011 09:39

Attention all incoming 1L's! We have a workshop especially for you! (And any other students who wish to brush up on study skills!) The Law Library wants you to be successful, so we've created a new workshop...Tips & Tricks for Success!

This 30 minute workshop will introduce you to searching effectively with the Law Library's catalog, and show you how to register and use AudioCaseFiles (listen to your cases!!) and CALI (online quizzes to help with your studies!).

A librarian will be available to help you with any other questions you may have (help with Westlaw or Lexis perhaps?) following the workshop.

Join us (click on the dates to RSVP):

An RSVP is helpful but not required. We hope to see you there!! Sealed

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us by email or (602) 682-6898! For upcoming workshops this semester visit www.phoenixlaw.edu/libraryworkshops and www.phoenixlaw.edu/librarycalendar.

Good luck with your classes!

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