Happy Constitution Day!

by Sarah Prosory 17. September 2010 15:01

Picture source: United States National Archives

Happy Constitution Day! On this day, September 17th, in 1787 the 39 delegates to the Constitutional Convention completed and signed the U.S. Constitution. Here are some interesting websites that celebrate this historic event:

Read about the observance from the US Code: 36 U.S.C § 106 (from Cornell's Legal Information Institute)

The National Archives has a fantastic online exhibit called the Charters of Freedom which has articles about the creation of the Constitution. The Archives also provide some great resources for learning about the Constitution and this important day.

If you visit Philadelphia, PA you should check out the National Constitution Center. They have also created an interactive version of the Constitution. Or you can print your own copy (.PDF) of the Constitution!

Have an excellent weekend! 



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