Arizona Legal Research Guide

by Lidia Koelbel 20. June 2013 10:09

The Library would like to announce the publication of the Arizona Legal Research Guide.  This newest guide is a compilation of numerous helpful resources for different types of research on Arizona's laws, cases, regulations, and practice.  The guide includes free resources proven to be very useful in real practice when costly subscription databases are no longer readily available. 

There is also historical information and links to other compilations of resources expanding the materials available to you.  Take a look for yourself.  You can access the guide here:

Alison Ewing's expertise in Arizona legal research was crucial to the composition of this guide.

FREE 2012 Federal Rules Ebooks from Legal Information Institute & CALI!

by Sarah Prosory 1. December 2011 09:18

This just in...

Legal Information Institute (from Cornell University) has teamed with CALI to provide FREE Federal Rules ebooks for 2012! Download on your ebook reader of your choice! Yes, even Kindle!

Read all about it here:

Let us know in the comments if you download these, and how you like them!

Juror Searches Wikipedia

by Sarah Prosory 17. December 2010 08:49

This morning I saw this article about a mistrial declared in Florida because a juror searched Wikipedia for a term that was unknown to her. She was "just looking up a phrase". Despite numerous warnings from the judge to jurors to not research the case, the juror brought what she found on Wikipedia to the jury room.

This is nothing new. Back in January of 2010, a murder case was thrown out because a juror looked up a definition on Wikipedia as well. The Washington Post wrote a very good article about how technology has caused more trouble for jurors who need to refrain from using it while serving on a jury.

My pondering is... will jury rules need to change to adjust to our technology-filled world? Should lawyers provide definitions/more information to confused jurors, so that jurors don't need to feel that they should look things up themselves? All it takes is a Google search on a smartphone and they have their confusion resolved. Give your comments below!

Civil Procedure Current Awareness- Keep Up with the Latest!

by Ted McClure 15. September 2010 17:43

Trying to keep up with Civil Procedure? Puzzled by Twombly and Iqbal? Take a look at these great blawgs:

And for the best on Twombly and Iqbal,

Yes, this blog is about products liability. But it has the clearest discussions of the “new pleading”.

Here are two ejournals that you can get through SSRN - the Social Science Research Network:

  • Federal Courts & Jurisdiction eJournal
  • Litigation & Procedure eJournal (found under “Litigation, Procedure & Dispute Resolution eJournals”)

Lots of brand-new articles on civil procedure. To access these ejournals on SSRN, register for an account at Use your email address. For help, see the video at Once your account is set up, you will get an email with instructions for registration and subscribing to journals. The first time you go to your SSRN start page, it will ask you to enter your email address. Hit the "Submit" button, and your User ID and Password will be emailed to you in seconds. Input your ID and Password, and you are on your way.

You can also set up alerts on bepress (use “Courts”, “Jurisdiction”, and “Practice and Procedure”), Westlaw, and Lexis.

With all these goodies, you should be well out in front.

Ted McClure, Faculty Services Law Librarian

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