Arizona Bar Exam Guide

by Lidia Koelbel 10. May 2013 08:29

The PhoenixLaw Library recently published a Guide containing very helpful information on the requirements to acquire a license to practice law in Arizona right after law school.  Access it by clicking here or going to:

The Guide has links to the rules that govern Arizona's licensing requirements as well as links to forms, practice questions, and study aids available in the Library to help you prepare for the Uniform Bar Exam.

Further, the Guide explains the Character and Fitness process and the required Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam.  There is also a list with links to email addresses for the Academic Success Department and a description of the Department's myBar Program.

It is never too early to look into what lies ahead after law school.  The better informed you are, the better equipped you will be to handle what can be a very daunting process. 

MBE subjects for the 200 multiple choice question part of the bar exam

New Winner of Library Loot!

by Sarah Prosory 2. March 2011 11:45

Congratulations to Nicholas Darus for winning the February 22nd Library Loot puzzle!

Nicholas found the golden ticket in the microfiche cabinet, which is where the bar exams from other states are located!

Will YOU be our next winner? Watch this blog for the puzzle on Tuesdays at 9am!!

Library Loot Feb 22nd 2001

by Sarah Prosory 22. February 2011 09:00

It's Tuesday people! Are you ready to play?

This scavenger hunt is in honor of our AZ Bar Exam sitters who will take the ultimate test starting today! We salute you!

Instructions: For this scavenger hunt, locate the Golden Ticket that is within or near the answer. You will need to include the library location and call number on the Golden Ticket before taking the ticket to the Circulation Desk to claim your prize.

Here you go...

This puzzle has been solved! See the winner here!

Question: Where in the law library can you find bar exams from other states?


THE FINE PRINT: Library Loot Puzzle Rules
1. Puzzles may be completed by current Phoenix School of Law students only.
2. All library staff members are exempt from participating.
3. One prize will be given to the first person to complete the puzzle with the correct answer. Even if  more than one person worked towards getting the correct answer, only one prize will be given for the puzzle completed correctly.
4. Contest rules are subject to change at any time.


Arizona July 2010 Bar Results

by Sarah Prosory 8. October 2010 17:00

The results are in...

Congratulations to all Phoenix School of Law Graduates who have passed the July 2010 Arizona Bar Exam!

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