Introducing the Library Bar Access Program Membership

by Lidia Koelbel 22. August 2012 14:00

Quick Reference Guide to PIPA, SOPA, and the OPEN Act

by Alison Ewing 18. January 2012 17:03

From the American Library Association (ALA)...

"Three copyright-related bills are currently in play at the start of 2012 – all of which take aim at any website beyond U.S. borders that distribute counterfeit or copyright infringing products. All three bills operate under the assumption that there is a problem that needs to be solved – and the best, or only, way to combat online infringement overseas is with more law targeted at foreign websites. These bills have the potential to negatively impact fundamental library principles. The following chart [link] is for quick reference (not meant to be comprehensive), and outlines the primary issues and concerns of interest to the library community and those who use the Internet."

~Corey Williams, American Library Association.


Hat tip to the Law Librarian Blog, and beSpacific

State of the Union 2011 Trivia

by Sarah Prosory 25. January 2011 12:23

Today President Obama will give the annual State of the Union Address. Here's some trivia about the address:

Watch this awesome video all about the making of the State of the Union Address:

Will you be watching the State of the Union address? It will be on tonight at 7pm here in Arizona.

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